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Towards Dinamo Banco di Sardegna Sassari-Bertram Derthona: the words of coach Ramondino and Chris Mortellaro

Towards Dinamo Banco di Sardegna Sassari-Bertram Derthona: the words of coach Ramondino and Chris Mortellaro

The new appointment of the Bertram Derthona championship is approaching, eagerly awaited by the challenge to Dynamo Banco di Sardegna Sassari scheduled for Sunday 13 March at 18pm at PalaSerradimigni. The two teams are tied in the standings on 20 points, but the team coached by Piero Bucchi has played one game less than the Lions.


He introduced the match and the season finale at a press conference coach Marco Ramondino: ʺThe matches that await us between now and the end of the regular season have a different specific weight compared to those played so far. The ranking is starting to take shape, the teams are playing to save themselves or to gain the best possible position in the playoff grid: everyone is paying attention to these challenges. Sassari awaits us, a very different team compared to the one in the first leg and among the fittest in the championship: we will have to be good at dealing with the emotional and mental difficulties of an away match, taking good care of the little things that make the differenceʺ.

Bertram's head coach then returned to the match played last Sunday against Milan, then analyzing the team's physical health: ʺMilan is a team that plays at a level of physicality and toughness that is difficult to match, even if we all expected to be able to do some things better against them. We are aware that it is not always easy to put into practice what has been prepared, but we want to continue, starting from Sassari, to be the good team of these first twenty matches. Thanks to the contribution of the medical staff and the availability of the players, we hope to recover everyone for Sunday's match, even if we will have to evaluate the conditions of those who have suffered ailments..

Chris Mortellaro

He spoke at the press conference alongside coach Ramondino Chris Mortellaro, who thus presented Sunday's meeting. ʺWe face a different team than the one in the first leg: Sassari has changed coaches and some players and is playing good basketball. We need to focus on the details we work on throughout the week, preparing for an intense forty minutes.

Mortellaro then concluded by talking about the season finale: ʺThe final rush is different from what we have seen so far, because all the teams take to the field to achieve their objectives. I believe that if we continue with this trend we will be able to achieve salvation, our first objective, and then we will be able to aspire to earn a place in the playoffs.