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EuroHoop 4 All 2.0: the project presented today at the Cittadella dello Sport

EuroHoop 4 All 2.0: the project presented today at the Cittadella dello Sport

Important day for Derthona Basket: the project was presented at the Cittadella dello Sport 'EuroHoop 4 All 2.0', entirely financed by the European Commission thanks to the Programme Erasmus + “Not for Profit Large Events”. This is an innovative project that aims to satisfy the growing demand for integrated sports in Europe.

Lo integrated sport allows both able-bodied people and people with special needs to play together, regardless of the age, physical fitness and abilities of each individual. Derthona Basket, with the project EuroHoop 4 All 2.0, wants to promote Baskin at a European level, an inclusive sport in which able-bodied people and people with disabilities can play according to common sporting rules.

The aim of the project is to organize a series of events during the European Sport Week 2024, including an international Baskin tournament that will take place in Tortona from 18 to 21 September 2024.

After institutional greetings from the President of Bertram Derthona Marco Picchi, the event came to life with the intervention of Moncia Prati e Deborah Repetti, responsible for social projects, who illustrated the projects that the Company has carried out over the years. Afterwards, he took the floor Luca Massaccesi, President of the National Observatory on Bullying and Youth Discomfort and friend of Derthona Basket, who dealt with this important social issue, bringing the numbers of this aspect to a national level.

Antonio Cigoli e Laura Carini, National Manager and Manager respectively  EISI Communication and Baskin associates have provided some numbers relating to Baskin and the development of this inclusive sport over the years.

To close the series of interventions, moderated by Benedetta Abbruzzese, Director of Communications at Bertram Derthona, was Marco Cardinaletti, Project Manager Eurocube srl and expert in European policies, among the supporters of the realization of the project of which he illustrated some details, the next steps and the final objectives.

This morning the logo created specifically for was also revealed EuroHoop 4 All 2.0 and the opening of the social channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) and the dedicated page on the Derthona Basket website was announced. Today's morning, which concluded with a video presentation of the event, was important for announcing an important new social project that Derthona Basket will carry out in the coming months with initiatives that will involve the entire Tortona area.