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Presentation of the book 'When a new journey begins' on Thursday 17 March

Presentation of the book 'When a new journey begins' on Thursday 17 March

A story worth knowing, that of Chris Wright, Bertram Derthona player who discovered, in 2012, that he was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. An illness that did not prevent him from having a career at the highest levels, between America and Europe. He, like other more or less famous people, talk about living with this disorder and their winning stories in the book ʺWhen a new journey begins. A life beyond multiple sclerosis written by Professor Filippo Martinelli Boneschi, member of the team of Neurology and Multiple Sclerosis Center of the Milan Polyclinic. For over 25 years, Martinelli Boneschi has been involved in the study, research and treatment of patients suffering from neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative disorders, in particular people who have contracted Multiple Sclerosis and dementia.

Derthona Basket and the Tortonese Medical Surgical Society they organized the presentation of this book on the day of Thursday March 17 pm 18.30 both at Conference room of Cassa di Risparmio di Tortona Foundation (entrance from Via Emilia 168). The aim of the event is to make the story of Chris Wright and the other protagonists of the book known to Bertram fans and all those interested in participating.

The book presentation will be conducted and moderated by Alice Pedrazzi, journalist, and will see, in addition to the interventions of Professor Martinelli Boneschi and Chris Wright, also Dr Claudio Massolo, family doctor and President of the Tortonese Medical Surgical Society, and of Anna Tonelli, President of AISM Alessandria.

The volume “When a new journey begins. A life beyond multiple sclerosis” will be on sale on that day at the Namastè Book and Coffee bookshop, adjacent to the CRT Foundation Conference Room. By purchasing the book you will be able to contribute directly to a noble cause, as all proceeds deriving from the sale will be donated toIALA (Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association).

The presentation, open to the public until all available places in the CRT Foundation Conference Room are exhausted, will take place in full compliance with the anti-Covid-19 regulations in force at the time, therefore to express your interest in participating you must send an email to ufficiostampa@derthonabasket.it.

With this event, Derthona Basket and the Tortonese Medical and Surgical Society want to give voice to an issue with a strong social value. Through telling success stories, inspiring people.