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EuroHoop 4 All 2.0 it is a project of Derthona Basketball, entirely financed by European Commission thanks to Erasmus+ 2023 “not for profit Large Events” program.
Inserted among the flag projects for the European Sports Week 2024, EH4All2.0 intends to support the principle of “sport for everyone” by increasing people's participation in sports and paying particular attention tosocial inclusion of people with disabilities.
The project aims to build, under a single shared environment, a holistic, participatory and innovative approach that is capable of giving response to the growing demand for integrated sports in Europe.

Integrated sport allows everyone, able-bodied people and people with special needs, to playing togetherregardless of age, fitness and ability. It is a different concept from disabled sports, i.e. sports played only by athletes with disabilities.

The practice of BASQUE It was born precisely from the need to allow everyone to practice sport without barriers at the entrance, but valuing differences. To date, there are two fundamental pillars in the world of basketball: basketball (for able-bodied people) and Paralympic basketball (for disabled people). Thanks to the EuroHoop4All 2.0 project we want it promote Baskin at European level making it the third pillar of the basketball world, a truly inclusive sport in which everyone, able-bodied and disabled, can play according to common sporting rules and settings.

The primary objective of the project is to organize the international event EURO HOOP for All 2.0 during the European Sport Week, including a Baskin tournament involving more than 300 boys and girls from all over Europe, to let them experience moments of aggregation and shared sport, together with educational and social initiatives, raising awareness of all people value of sport and physical activity, promoting thesocial inclusion, health and well-being for all.


Il Tournament It will take place from 18 to 21 September 2024 a Tortona.

Download the presentation of the EuroHoop 4 All 2.0 project here 

Download the 10 rules of Baskin here