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Derthona again in the playoffs: some data on the goal achieved

Derthona again in the playoffs: some data on the goal achieved

Third qualification for the playoffs in as many Serie A seasons for Bertram Derthona, who will also be a protagonist in the post season in 2023/24. The playoffs, chased throughout the second round after a complex first part of the championship, became mathematical yesterday evening, by virtue of the results achieved on the various fields on the 29th and penultimate day of the tournament.

The qualification, which came after a long rise in the rankings in recent months, is the culmination of the work of the staff and the team, who have been able - race after race - to get closer to the top and then enter among the best eight in the championship. A path also explained by some data, illustrative of the growth of the team coached by De Raffaele:

  • 8: the consecutive victories at the PalaEnergica Paolo Ferraris in 2024. The home field, thanks also to the support of the fans, has become a real fort which has allowed the rise in the standings in the second round;
  • Defensive growth: Bertram Derthona approaches the last day of the championship as the fifth best defense overall (79 points conceded), the result of the dedication and attitude shown by the players. The Lions are also fifth in two-point shooting percentage (52.8%) and first overall in blocks per game (5);
  • Effective and collective game: the team coached by De Raffaele is second overall for the fewest turnovers per game (11.2) and is sixth for assists distributed (17.4). Numbers that testify to a collective, precise and orderly game, which allowed Derthona to enter the playoff zone;
  • Different protagonists: four players averaging double figures (Baldasso, Ross, Dowe and Weems), but great contribution from all the performers (above all Obasohan, Strautinš and Severini who grew up during the season).

The last race of the championship, in Treviso, will decide - together with the results that will accrue on the other fields - the grid position of Bertram Derthona, which could be seventh or eighth. The achievement of the playoffs, a feat, will still allow everyone - Club, fans, territory - to experience new and strong black and white emotions this season.