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Gabriele Spizzichini: ʺI spent two wonderful years in Scafati and I left behind many friends, it will be nice to see them againʺ

Gabriele Spizzichini: ʺI spent two wonderful years in Scafati and I left behind many friends, it will be nice to see them againʺ

Having arrived in Tortona in the summer, Gabriele Spizzichini is one of the exes (along with Tavernari and Ammannato) of the match scheduled for Wednesday 30 January at 20.45pm at the PalaMangano which will pit Bertram Derthona and Givova Scafati against each other. The Juventus playmaker spent two years in Campania, obtaining very important results: above all ʺthe victory of the Italian Cup in 2015/16, the first year I spent in Scafatiʺ. Both years spent in the Givova jersey had an ending It's a little bitter, if I can say so: the first year – continues Spizzichini – we lost 3-2 in the semi-final against Brescia after having won the first two matches of the series. Last year, however, we exited the playoffs prematurely at the hands of Ferrara at the end of a beautiful year..

For Gabriele, Wednesday's match will be the ʺbefore I will play as an opponent against Scafati. It has never happened to me until now, so I don't know what emotions I will feel: about this joke with Romeo, with whom I am in contact. I left many friends in the city who I am happy to see again and embrace again: Scafati is a place where people are simple and welcoming..

Entering the heart of the match against Givova, Spizzichini is aware of the role that the public will be able to play, capable of ʺdragging the players along when he sees the team in a positive moment: this aspect was also felt a lot in the two seasons I played there. It is no coincidence that this season Scafati has built a good part of the spoils collected so far in the matches played at PalaManganoʺ.

As for the match, according to the Juventus point guard it will be important ʺplay in a solid manner, aware that over the course of the forty minutes there will be moments of difficulty that we will have to face without, at the same time, getting excited about the positive moments we will haveʺ.

The challenge with the Campania team represents It's an important match – says Spizzichini – even if it is only the fourth of the return round. We want to make up for the defeat against Latina, I expect a match played openly by both teams. As regards the technical consideration of Bertram's next opponents, the Dertona playmaker identifies in ʺGoodwin and especially Thomas are their strong points. Scafati is a long team that can find different protagonists in every match.

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