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Coach Ramondino and Spizzichini present the match against Scafati

Coach Ramondino and Spizzichini present the match against Scafati

Championship eve for Bertram Derthona, awaiting the match against Givova Scafati scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday 30 January, at 20.45pm at PalaMangano. The Bianconeri are returning from the defeat against Latina, a match in which ʺThe team showed character in their reaction starting from the middle of the third quarter. We finished the last three games on a high note – says coach Ramondino – but we must improve our ability to put together more positive things on both halves of the pitch, while at the same time finding a way to break the negative flows that caused us to take partial losses against Latina, at the beginning of the match and at the beginning of the third quarterʺ.

Regarding the partial scores suffered in the last home match, the Juventus coach believes it is equally important ʺhaving a good approach and continuity over the course of the forty minutes: the mental aspect is decisive and is expressed in many ways within the same match. Identifying just one moment of the match in which the mental aspect is important is an understatement: I therefore believe that our team, made up of players who know the championship well, must be able to make the most of the qualities it possesses by trying to impose them on our opponents..

Moving on to Scafati's analysis, coach Ramondino identifies, among the strong points of the team coached by Lino Lardo, the ability to ʺplaying quickly in the first seconds of the action and attacking the area with many different players such as Contento, Rossato, Thomas and Goodwin. On defense they have the ability to fill the area with both man defense and zone defense. In tomorrow evening's match, the Juventus coach believes it is necessary ʺImprove our ball movement to find the best possible solution, in order to deploy the defense and not expose ourselves to opposing counterattacks. It will be important, on a defensive level, to make an individual and team effort to limit their players who attack the basket and suffer fouls: we will also have to be intelligent from this point of view..

Thus Gabriele Spizzichini: ʺThe match against Scafati is important and very difficult because they have built a good part of the spoils they have collected up to this point at home. We arrive at the match fresh from a defeat from which we want to redeem ourselves: we expect a match in which both teams will play openly to seek victory. Their strong points are Goodwin and above all Thomas, who was a great protagonist in the victories won by Scafati. Furthermore, they are a long team capable of finding different protagonists in each match: for this reason it will be necessary to play a solid match, reacting in moments of difficulty and not getting too excited in the positive moments of the match itself..