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Bertram Derthona introduces precise training load and recovery guide with deal with Firstbeat Sports

Bertram Derthona introduces precise training load and recovery guide with deal with Firstbeat Sports

Firstbeat and Bertram Derthona have reached a new three-year agreement which will see the Italian basketball team use Firstbeat Sport's advanced performance analytics both with the first team and implementing the system with youth teams.

The Serie A2 Club will use Firsbeat Sports Premium and Firstbeat Sports Sensor and Live App to help set up training, recovery and workload processes. The company joins several other Italian basketball teams using Firstbeat, including the Nazionale, Reyer Venezia, Virtus Bologna, Pistoia Basket, Junior Casale, Aurora Basket Jesi, Basket Bassano, Cestistica San Severo and Pallacanestro Vigarano.

Firstbeat Sports offers valuable information for coaches, technical staff and the athletes themselves in real time and during post-training analyses, providing a deep and easy-to-interpret picture of athletes' physiological reactions to training and matches.

Speaking about the new agreement, Ferencz Bartocci, General Manager of Bertram DerthonaSaid:

ʺThe company, thanks to the presence of the Gavio Group, main sponsor with Bertram Yachts, is engaged in significant growth that will accompany the construction of the new Cittadella dello Sport owned by the Gavio family. Our desire is to make being a member of the Club's technical staff or athlete increasingly attractive. This is the objective of the three-year agreement with Firstbeat, a company that from the first moment has allowed us to take a step forward in physical management of our players.

Matteo Viazzo, Firstbeat Sports Italy:

ʺDerthona Basket is a club with great objectives. I am really proud that the company and staff have decided to use Firstbeat Sports' advanced analytics in order to monitor the training load and recovery of their athletes. Firstbeat Sports' system helps the team maximize the physical potential of the roster and with our unique recovery insights, we want to make sure we help achieve their goals.

Marco Ramondino, head coach:

ʺMy opinion is that it is increasingly important, in the management of a group of professional athletes, to support choices for programming and load management with data, in order to reduce, if not eliminate, "gut" decisions. I believe it is essential to plan training in a functional way, trying to modulate the work to make it increasingly similar to what happens during the match. Firstbeat, in this sense, allows us to be better coaches and helps us to support and refute our decisions with data: this, in fact, also increases the credibility of the entire staff towards the athletes.

Gianluca Mazzoncini, physical trainer of the first team:

ʺIn basketball it is important both to evaluate the players' recovery and to know the range of possibilities available to improve work in terms of the number of training sessions and the performance of each individual athlete. It is a tool that allows you to find the best compromise for the team. Thanks to the company's commitment, we have implemented the system by recording the working data bands, which allows us to set the program for the next few years. We record at least four training sessions per week with which we define the internal load that the team has carried out. I want to thank the Club for making an assistant available to me, so that I have two collaborators to help me, as the project also wants to be extended to the youth sector with the aim of creating folds for each individual athlete by collecting the data that tells the sporting history within Bertram Derthona Basketʺ.

About Firstbeat

Firstbeat Sports is a single-platform athlete monitoring solution that provides data on training load, intensity, fitness testing, performance readiness, stress and recovery in one place. Over 23000 athletes from over 1000 clubs around the world rely on Firstbeat Sports for their advanced physiological metrics.

About Bertram Derthona Basketball

Bertram Derthona Basket was founded in 1955. The Club is located in Tortona and currently plays in the Italian men's Serie A2 championship. In its history it has won the A2 Italian Cup and the LNP Super Cup 2019 Old Wild West and the first team is coached by Marco Ramondino.