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Bertram defeated in Treviso

Bertram defeated in Treviso

(25-15, 53-39, 72-59)


Treviso: Bowman 15, Zanelli 4, Harrison 27, Torresani ne, Faggian ne, Robinson 8, Scandiuzzi ne, Mezzanotte 1, Allen 16, Camara ne, Olisevicius 16, Paulicap. All. Vitucci

Derthona: Zerini, Ross 16, Dowe 8, Bordoni ne, Candi, Tavernelli, Straūtins 4, Baldasso 11, Obasohan 7, Weems 13, Thomas 4, Radošević 11. Coach De Raffaele

The regular season of Bertram Derthona ends with a defeat, involved in a tough away match at the PalaVerde against a Nutribullet Treviso team on a mission to save.

The hosts lead from the start and, although they always try, coach De Raffaele's boys never manage to change the momentum and impact the match. Bertram ends the regular season in eighth position, qualifying for the third consecutive year for the playoffs, where they will meet Virtus Segafredo Bologna in the first round.

The first minutes of the start of the match were characterized by balance at the PalaVerde. The hosts start strong with Bowman but Bertram remains attacked with Ross and Obasohan. Nutribullet's mini break favored by Robinson and Allen brings Treviso +10 at the end of the quarter (25-15).

At the start of the second half Derthona closed to -3, before suffering a new Treviso attack led by Harrison's triples. Dowe and Weems try to bring the Lions closer but the Nutribullet is surgical from 6,75 and at half time the score is 53-39 for the home team.

Upon returning from the locker room, Bertram produced an effort to close the gap which was worth the deficit to under double figures (57-48 at 7'22') and forced coach Vitucci to time out. Upon returning to the field, Olisevicius leads his teammates in the new attack which closes the score at 72-59.

In the last quarter the Lions try again to get closer with the conclusions of Ross and Baldasso but they are unable to get below -9. At the end of the match, Nutribullet was clear and closed the match 87-74, celebrating their salvation with their fans.

Thus coach Walter De Raffaele at the end of the race: “First of all, congratulations to Treviso because they have always been ahead in scoring. We played at too intermittent an intensity to be able to compete point to point: every time we had the opportunity to come back we wasted it either with poor execution or a lost ball. Aside from the problems with Thomas, I think we didn't understand the rhythm well. This does not take away the merits of Treviso which absolutely earned the victory and salvation.".