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Pink night for the European debut: Bertram supports the #nastrorosaAIRC campaign

Pink night for the European debut: Bertram supports the #nastrorosaAIRC campaign

On Wednesday 18 October at 20.30 pm at the PalaEnergica Paolo Ferraris, Bertram Derthona will write a new page in its history, taking to the field againstUCAM Murcia in the first match in the Basketball Champions League – and in Europe ever. It will be a match to experience, to remember, for the Club and for all the fans who have followed the exploits of the Juventus team for years with closeness and passion.

Not only the anticipation and emotion for this important sporting moment, but also a social issue of great importance increases the interest in the match against the Spanish team: this year too, in fact, Bertram Derthona will take the field alongside from the AIRC Foundation supporting the campaign #nastrorosaAIRC which, every year in October, wants to raise awareness of an important issue such as breast cancer, one of the most aggressive neoplasms in women.

In the month of October, the Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta Committee of the AIRC Foundation, thanks to the inexhaustible support of its partners, organizes a series of events and initiatives which also have the aim of raising funds to fuel research and prevention against the breast cancer.

On the occasion of the match against UCAM Murcia, the Club will present the spectators present at the stadium with the pin of the #nastrorosaAIRC and with gods pink clapping to support the team coached by Marco Ramondino in such a prestigious match.

Like a great team, Derthona Basket and the AIRC Foundation share the same values ​​and ideals: for this reason, this year too the Club has joined the breast cancer awareness campaign with participation and closeness.


AIRC | Since 1965 with courage, against cancer AIRC Foundation for cancer research supports innovative scientific projects thanks to transparent and constant fundraising, disseminates scientific information, promotes the culture of prevention in homes, squares and schools. It counts on 4 and a half million supporters, 20 thousand volunteers and 17 regional committees which guarantee 6 thousand researchers the resources necessary to bring the results from the laboratory to the patient in the shortest possible time. In 57 years of commitment, AIRC has distributed over 1 billion euros to finance oncology research (data updated and updated to 10 January 2023). Information and insights on airc.it.

Il Piedmont Valle D'Aosta Committee of the AIRC Foundation, chaired by David Avino, it has been active since 1979 with the aim of promoting a rich program of information and fundraising events every year, which complement AIRC's national campaigns. Thanks to the commitment of the Committee, volunteers and supporters, 2023 euros have been approved for 12.713.620 for Piedmont to support 88 research projects and 6 scholarships.