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Derthona Bball Lab: youth week

Derthona Bball Lab: youth week

(in the photo the Under15 Elite group)

Under18 Excellence
Arona Basket – Derthona 69-72
(22-22, 34-40, 51-57)
Derthona: Apuzzo 18, Picello 8, Benazzo 15, Piccio S. 18, Botter 4, Censabella 7, Brullo 2, Falabrini, Hila, Quargnenti. All. Talpo
Second consecutive victory for the Juventus Under18 team, this time away on the Arona pitch. The success comes at the end of a match of intensity and character, in which after a good start to the match Apuzzo and his teammates then struggled against the opponent's zone. The end of the match is characterized by Benazzo, who closes with the winning triple at the siren a last minute of seven personal points.
The next match is scheduled for Wednesday 29 March at 20.00 pm at Camagna against the league leaders Molecola Crocetta, unbeaten so far in the second phase.
Under 18 Regional
Derthona – Trivero 55-39 (16-10, 6-9, 18-6, 15-14)
Derthona: Carena 10, D'Angella, Ghislieri 6, Angeleri 3, Baschirotto, Rolando, Zanchetta 28, Lonardo, Davio 6, Santoro 2. All. Noli
Winning debut for the Juventus juniors in the consolation phase of the category tournament with Zanchetta as the best scorer of the evening with 28 points.

Under 16 Excellence
Derthona – Ivrea 70-68 (15-24, 26-12, 17-17, 12-15)
Derthona: Hila 22, Trombini 2, Gandini 4, Barbieri 4, Mogni 8, Cattaneo 2, Brullo 6, Candiotto 17, Colli 5, Ricaldone, Pareto, Simoncelli. All. Gaudio
The Juventus cadets, with a few too many difficulties, resisted the final comeback of their opponents and repeated the success of the first leg against Ivrea. A little oxygen in view of the tough trip to Turin at Tam Tam next Saturday.

Under 15 Elite
Alba – Derthona 49-63 (12-17, 11-14, 11-13, 15-19)
Derthona: Balza, Pace 7, De Nicolò G. 3, Barbieri 28, Nizzola 8, De Nicolò L. 4, Nocenti 11, Tava 2, Scarrone, Olivieri, Cremonti. Annex Noli
Sixth consecutive victory for the Tortona students in the group valid for the category title. In Alba, Noli's troop was led by Barbieri, the best scorer, well supported by the rest of the team. The last first leg is scheduled for next Monday at PalaCamagna, hosting Bra.

Under 14 Regional
The Alessandria Basket – Derthona 39-42 (14-8, 9-9, 8-16, 8-9)
Derthona: Bagnasco 9, Gabatelli 9, Cabella 4, Bottaro 8, Lombardi 4, Melisi 6, Chiesa 2, Ariganello, Gobbo, Pezzulla N., Pezzulla L.. All. De Ros
In Alessandria the young people from Tortona, orphans of the injured Viale, risk playing for their unbeaten title in the preliminary round, right in the last match of this phase. In the first two quarters, thanks to too many mistakes from underneath, De Ros's boys finished with a deficit of 6 points. But after the break our team's reaction was felt with good team defense and excellent conclusions at the right time. After the break for the regional finals of Join the Game 3×3 scheduled in Collegno next Sunday, in which the quartet Bottaro, Chiesa, Lombardi and Melisi will participate, the phase for the category title will begin.

Under 13 Elite
Derthona – Galliate 57-37 (15-8, 18-12, 8-10, 16-7)
Derthona: Coffano 6, Carulli 2, Sacco 19, Boldrin 4, Tummino 2, Magrassi 13, Lerta 6, Fiorucci 3, Chiappini 2, Nocenti, Gaglianò, Schiavone. All. De Ros
Against Galliate, the first success of the season finally arrives for the group coached by coach De Ros. Unlike many previous ones, Sacco & c. They held up well even after the break and resisted the recovery of the guests who were promptly rejected and beaten by a margin that left no doubt about the good performance of the Juventus team. The return round will begin on April 1st away against Oasi Laura Vicuna, leader of the group with maximum points.

Regional Beginners
La Lucciola Novara – Derthona 37-38 (10-5, 9-16, 12-6, 6-11)
Derthona: Cicalini, Tognon, Bellinaso 2, Noah Lam 3, Segato 2, Lisini 9, Castagna 6, Mogni 4, Ferrari 2, Ramazzina 2, Bertelli 2, Vio 6. All. Mossi
Victory in extremis for the young Bianconeri in Novara against the locals La Lucciola, thanks also to the missed free throws at the end by the opponents. Next Sunday at PalaCamagna we hope to continue the good momentum against Issa Novara who beat Lisini and co in the first leg.



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