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Winning debut at the U19 National Finals Excellence: Allianz Derthona beats Venezia and wins the first two points of the qualifying group

Winning debut at the U19 National Finals Excellence: Allianz Derthona beats Venezia and wins the first two points of the qualifying group

Allianz Derthona Tortona – Umana Reyer Venezia 70-60

(22-18, 32-33, 51-46)


Derthona: Baldi 18 (4/7 from three, 6 rb), Bresciani ne, Farias, Tambwe 6, Errica 18 (4/8 from three, 4 ast, 3 rec), Korlatovic 4, Diodati, Fonio Fracchia, W. Bellinaso, Moro ne, Conte 14 (7 rb), Josovic 10 (7 rb). All. Ansaloni, ass. Tosarelli, Albasini.

Venice: Corato, Giangaspero 1, Pellizzon 2, Presutto 4, Zanchetta 4, Eramo 2, Todisco 5, Iannuzzi 10, Gattel 13, Macrì 11, Natale, Vanin 8. All. Buffo.

Referees: Barbieri, L. Attard, Giunta.


Allianz Derthona Tortona starts off on the right foot at the U19 Eccellenza National Finals in Chiusi and Chianciano Terme (SI). At the Estra Forum in Chiusi the Juventus team, winners of Group 1 of the first phase of the championship, beat Umana Reyer Venezia 70-60 in the opening match of Group A of the Italian tournament.

The contracted first half of both teams is replaced by a second in which Derthona loosens up, takes command of the initiatives, never manages to kill the match but is always ahead in the score and reaches the final siren with a +10 coinciding with the maximum advantage in the game.

After a start with the defenses prevailing, Tambwe and two triples from Errica and Baldi, previously valuable with two breakthroughs conceded, bring Allianz to 12-7 halfway through the first quarter, Venezia reacts promptly with 4 points in a row from Gattel for the overtaking of 14-16, but Derthona ends the first period ahead thanks to Korlatovic and another bomb from Errica for 22-18. The start of the second quarter lights up the Bianconeri even more, Tambwe and Errica's third triple out of three attempts seal a 5-0 break in the first two minutes which at -9 (27-18) forces Venezia into a time-out. The lagoon players emerge refreshed, Vanin and Iannuzzi force them back into contact and when Macrì wins and converts an attacking rebound inside the net the comeback is complete, 29 equals with 90" from the break. Three free throws for a foul from beyond the arc on Conte give the Allianz a breather, not to the point of preventing the opponents from going to the locker rooms with a 32-33 lead, with 12/40 from the field weighing on the economy of the match of Tortona.

In the second half it's completely different music for the Piedmontese, 7 points in the first minute and a half sealed by an eight-metre shot from Conte which explodes the Leoni bench, which rejoices even more after Baldi and Errica return to hammering as well them from the arc for 51-44 with 2' left in the half, a score that doesn't differ much from the one with which the two teams enter the final sprint. The size under the basket of the Venetians is felt above all by Macrì and the other big man available to Reyer, Vanin, is the creator of the -2 of a tough Venezia, who does not give up with 58-56 exactly 5' from the end . There, Derthona is good at not disuniting and actually making the move that has never been resumed, with the three little ones Errica (in the photo), Baldi and Conte restoring the inertia to Derthona who closes it with two triples from Baldi for the + 10 with 50" to go, the same gap that ensures Allianz the first two points in the standings at the first attempt.

Tomorrow the second match against the loser of the other inaugural match of the group, the one between Fulgor Fidenza and CAB Stamura Ancona: appointment at the Chianciano Terme sports hall at 14pm with live streaming on the Italbasket and Basket Like YouTube channel.

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