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Allianz Derthona, survival beyond the group stage of the U19 Finals is certain: Ancona also ko, direct pass to the quarter-finals up for grabs tomorrow

Allianz Derthona, survival beyond the group stage of the U19 Finals is certain: Ancona also ko, direct pass to the quarter-finals up for grabs tomorrow

Allianz Derthona Tortona – CAB Stamura Ancona 74-59

(24-18, 42-37, 57-51)


Derthona: Baldi 11 (3/5 threes, 4 ast), Bresciani, Albertinazzi, Farias 2, Tambwe 19 (7/10 shooting, 15 rb, 31 val), Errica 5, Korlatovic, Diodati 7, Fonio Fracchia ne, W . Bellinaso, Conte 13 (4/8 from three), Josovic 17. Coach Ansaloni, ass. Tosarelli, Albasini.

Ancona: Bora 5, Gallo Zuasnabal 9, Virgili 2, Filippetti, Piccionne 17, D'Agnano 2, Kumer 4, Tamboura 9, Zanotto 9, Paoletti 2, Diop, Balducci. Annex Petitto

Referees: Miniati, Pazzaglia, Lanciotti


Two out of two. Allianz Derthona also takes part in the second match at the U19 Eccellenza National Finals. At the Chianciano Terme (SI) sports hall, victory against CAB Stamura Ancona 74-59 and top of Group A also secured at the end of the second day. Luca Ansaloni's boys have secured a pass for at least the play-offs in advance, waiting to play for the chance to directly qualify for the quarter-finals tomorrow, to be among the best eight teams in Italy.

The Tortona Lions legitimize their success with a match dominated in terms of scoring and play from the first to the last minute, taking the measures of the Ancona players well and showing off a Gloris Tambwe MVP version from the start, trying an important escape in the third quarter and repelling with compactness the comeback attempts of the opponents who had already mended at the end of the third quarter, before the 17-8 of the final partial which gave 4 points in the standings to Baldi and his teammates.

Conte's triples and the effectiveness under the basket of Tambwe and Josovic immediately light up the Allianz, with a double-digit lead even before the halfway point of the opening quarter (14-4), a margin that the usual Tambwe tries to hold until at the first mini-break if Gallo Zuasnabal wasn't there to have different ideas in favor of Ancona with two heavy baskets for 24-18 at the siren of the 10th. Tambwe continues his perfect game, also inserting a three-point play to contribute to the 31-22 of the 13th with 13 points, the same ones that Piccionne assures to Ancona a little further on for the 37-33 that coach brings 2' from the break Ansaloni calling his first time-out. The "helper" from Tortona always takes the form of his starting pivot, his seventh basket on seven shots (15 points and 6 rebounds in the first half) sets the 42-37 with which Derthona goes into the locker room.

Upon returning to the field, Conte's third and fourth triple of the match, the first shot attempted and scored by the consistent Diodati and the dominant Josovic of the third quarter gave the Piedmontese team their maximum lead in the game, +15, 57-42 at the 26th minute. °. Ancona immediately mends the gap, an outburst from Zanocco favors a 9-0 counterbreak to put his team back on track for the start of the final period. But as happened the day before against Venice, Allianz is not intimidated by the opponent's reaction and again as happened against the lagoon players, Baldi scores two consecutive triples which determine the closure of the games because the 71-57 they produce with 3' from the end it's the right escape.

Tomorrow at 14pm at the Estra Forum in Chiusi there will be a play-off match for the victory of the group against the other undefeated Fulgor Fidenza: at stake is the direct pass to the quarter-finals bypassing the play-offs. Live streaming on the Italbasket Twitch channel and on the BasketLike.it YouTube channel

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