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Interregional Serie B, Gulliver Derthona doesn't give up his playoff hopes: sprint victory over Arezzo in the Play-In Silver

Interregional Serie B, Gulliver Derthona doesn't give up his playoff hopes: sprint victory over Arezzo in the Play-In Silver

Gulliver Supermarkets Derthona – Amen BC Servizi Arezzo 86-81

(15-24, 38-47, 55-65)


Derthona: Baldi 17 (3/6 from three, 8 rb, 4 ast), Fernandez Lang, Diodati 8, Errica 6, Korlatovic, Farias 9, Albertinazzi, Moro ne, Conte 15, Josovic 10, Tambwe 21 (9/11 from the field, 11 rb, 31 val). All. Ansaloni, deputy Tosarelli, ass. Censors.

Arezzo: Pelucchini 10, Zocca 13, Toia 8, Nica ne, Iannicelli 10, Rossi 10, Jankovic 11, Semprini Cesari 13, Vagnuzzi 1, Giommetti 4, Terrosi 1. All. Evangelisti.

Referees: Ravera di Desio (MB) and Mamone di Novara.


First home win for Gulliver Supermarkets Derthona in Play-In Silver. In fifth day which opened the second round of the second phase of the North-West Conference di Interregional Serie B, the Bianconeri manage to get the better of a sprint on the third attempt unlike what happened in the previous two against Spezia and Quarrata. 86-81 the victory againstAmen BC Servizi Arezzo, a team that together with the solitary leaders Quarrata had achieved more successes in the first round (3 out of 4).

It was a statement of great desire from Luca Ansaloni's boys. Below in the score for a very large part of the time, reaching -15 several times in the first half as a maximum deficit and never managing to get dangerously close to the Tuscans, the turning point occurs in the fourth period. Under the impetus of Baldi's initial baskets, followed by those of Tambwe, Conte and Farias, and of the defense returning to bite as per team DNA, Gulliver comes back and makes the first overtaking 4 minutes from the end, defending it with all its might. at the siren despite the attempts to recover from the Arezzo team, who surrendered when faced with a 31-16 score in the final ten minutes for the home team.

MVP performance for Gloris Tambwe, evidenced by the 31 rating, the combined 18 points of Baldi and Conte in the fourth period redeem them from a match so far without too many rings, the contribution of Diodati (shooting, in the archive photo) was surgical ) and Farias.

In standings the Bianconeri Lions still keep alive their hopes of playing in the playoffs for the National Serie B, reserved for the top two in the league, with second place shared at 12 points with three other teams, Lucca, Gallarate and Spezia, the latter with a match in less, 4 away from Quarrata.

After Easter the championship will resume with the direct away clash of Sunday April 7 18 hours on the field of Spezia.



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