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Bertram escapes several times, suffers a comeback but prevails in a sprint over Verona

Bertram escapes several times, suffers a comeback but prevails in a sprint over Verona

Bertram Derthona-Tezenis Verona 73-69

(24-17, 45-35, 63-48)


Derthona: Christon 20, Mortellaro ne, Candi 6, Tavernelli 3, Filloy 12, Severini 13, Harper 3, Cain 9, Radošević 7, Filoni. All. Ramondino

Verona: Cappelletti 6, Smith 3, Ferrari ne, Casarin 9, Johnson 5, Bortolani 15, Davis 14, Rosselli ne, Pini, Anderson 7, Udom, Sanders 10. Coach Ramagli

Important success for Bertram Derthona, without Macura and Daum, who at the PalaEnergica Paolo Ferraris in front of Brett Blizzard and in front of Jamarr Sanders, two great former players in the recent history of the Club, got the better of a never tamed Tezenis Verona. After 3 excellent quarters, in which the team coached by coach Ramondino reached double-digit margins several times, Derthona suffered a comeback from their opponents but managed to win the two points thanks to their clarity at the end.

After the emotional tribute to Sanders, the race begins at the PalaEnergica Paolo Ferraris. Tezenis got off to a strong start and, with high shooting percentages, took a two-possession lead before suffering a comeback from the Lions, driven by Severini's 13 points. At the end of the initial 10' the score was 24-17. In the second half, two consecutive triples from Filloy brought Derthona up 10 just over 4' before the long break; Anderson and Sanders try to shorten but Bertram rejects the opponent's recovery attempts and closes the quarter 45-35.

 Upon returning from the long break, Tezenis tries to accelerate but, after a mini break of 0-4, Christon and his teammates find fluidity in attack, score primary transition baskets and further expand the gap to 63-48. A partial of 0-10 for Verona inaugurates the last quarter and reopens the match. Cain and Christon give the home team some oxygen before Anderson's triple brings the teams into perfect parity with 2'25'' (68-68) to go. In the last frenetic minutes of the game, Cain and Christon again scored from the line and definitively closed the match 73-69.

Thus the assistant coach Massimo Galli at the end of the race: “We controlled the game for two thirds, then in the last quarter Verona, with a defense made up of systematic changes that put sand in our gears, did well to get back into the match. In the final, some plays allowed us to bring home two points which allow us to maintain third place in the standings and give us great confidence for the two consecutive away matches that we will have to face.".