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Coach Ramondino and Viglianisi present the match with Legnano

Coach Ramondino and Viglianisi present the match with Legnano

Championship eve for Bertram Derthona, expected from Legnano on the 12th day of the Serie A2 Old Wild West championship. The Bianconeri are returning from three consecutive defeats - Virtus Roma, Agrigento and Biella - and do not cross It is a time of good general, physical and emotional health. Because of this – says coach Ramondino – we must maintain our focus on the technical aspect, in which we have not improved in recent weeks, offering inadequate performances. We need to improve the quality of the game, which we can control, and mentally fight mistrust and negativity, in order to show a different face. Our objectivesThe aim must be to align the facts on the pitch with this desire we have to grow.

The three consecutive defeats highlighted ʺthe team's poor reaction capacity. For this reason, as a staff, we decided to make the game easier, limiting our solutions but with the intention of making them more precise. The players – continues the Juventus coach – they are aware that the performances of the last period have not been adequate.

As mentioned, Derthona's opponent will be Legnano, a team that has proven itself especially at home They are extremely competitive and capable of producing devastating partials: their performances have not always coincided with victory, but they remain a formidable team. Going into detail, they are not deep and expert, but – says coach Ramondino – they have talented players like Raffa, Bortolani, Serpilli and London. In particular, in a team with such clear hierarchies, Raffa is the point of reference that Legnano clings to in difficult or decisive moments of matches..

Among the keys to the match, the Bertram coach identifies ʺThe ability to play as a team against their pick'n'roll and 1-on-1 players and the ability to maintain balance and control when they make runs. We will have to be good at not being dragged into too high a pace which favors Legnanoʺ.

Thus Kenneth Viglianisi: ʺWe know only one way to get out of the difficult situation: to work with the right attitude and spirit and with the correct mentality. Nobody likes losing, we must be humble in this period: it is clear that the best medicine for us is victory. The match against Legnano will be a delicate challenge for the standings: they are a team who have Raffa as their offensive point of reference, capable of creating for themselves and for others. As in the other matches, it will be important to try to impose our basketball, limiting their counterattacks and their ability to rebound in attack..