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Edoardo Buffo: ʺIn the national team I felt good sensations. Playing at my best in the final was gratifying

Edoardo Buffo: ʺIn the national team I felt good sensations. Playing at my best in the final was gratifying

Important experience for Edward Buffo, who took part in the rally and the subsequent Carnival Cup, held in Piombino, wearing the Italy Under 18 shirt. For the player born in 2001 it was a return to the national team, after his participation in rallies and tournaments with Under 14, Under 15 and Under 16. ʺIt was nice to wear the Italy shirt again – begins the guard – especially after recovering from the knee injury I suffered last season. I felt good feelings, the group was very close-knit: I already knew some of the guys who shared the gathering with me and it was an opportunity to consolidate real friendships. On the pitch, then, we had the opportunity to compete with some very strong national teams.

Edoardo, who arrived in Tortona in the summer, is having the first senior experience of his career: an aspect that the player considers important in his career, as ʺI am part of a club in which I experience the situations and training sessions of the first team on a daily basis, which were useful for me in tackling this meetingʺ.

Going into the merits of the Carnival Cup, the tournament ʺit didn't start the way I expected because I had a blister under my foot which penalized meʺ. During the course of the event, Buffo was able to play an important role in Italy's successes ʺto the energy and support that my teammates gave me: reaching the final and playing at my best was gratifying, scoring the baskets in the decisive moments of the match was niceʺ.

The Carnival Cup was also an important opportunity to compare with other talented players and allowed Edoardo to understand ʺhow much work do you need to do in the gym every day to reach the highest possible level. The comparison with teammates and opponents pushes each player to give the best of themselves.

The meeting and the subsequent tournament enriched the wealth of experience and knowledge ʺKnowledge that will help me to give more and more on the pitch with great desire and dedication. I work to be ready whenever I am called upon to play.

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