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Paulinus, Lisini, Seck and Festinese: young Lions

Paulinus, Lisini, Seck and Festinese: young Lions

Derthona is happy to report that Joseph Paulinus, Matteo Lisini, Magaye Seck and Vincenzo Festinese they are the four under aggregated to the first team group.

Joseph Paulinus he is ready to start his second season with the Juventus Club shirt: born in 2002, he arrived in Tortona last summer after his experience in Pontedera. In his first year with the Lions he took the field with the Under 18 DNG and, as a double member, with the C Silver of Olympia Voghera, also training with the first team as well as Matteo Lisini (born 2002) played with DNG and C Silver last year, preparing for Serie A2.

Alongside these two confirmations, the company wanted to strengthen the working group which is preparing to play the 2019/20 season with the additions of Magaye Seck (2001) and Vincenzo Festinese (2002). The former is fresh from important experiences with the shirts of Padova and Bassano: with the latter team he played in the Under 16 Eccellenza Scudetto final (lost against Stella Azzurra Roma) in 2017, while in 2018 he made his debut at senior level with the Bk1975 Bassano (Venetian C Gold). Returning to Padua in 2018/19, he played in both the Under 18 DNG and the C Gold with Unione Basket Padova. Magaye also showed off himself during the Next Gen Cup, a tournament played with the Vuelle Pesaro shirt and which ended with defeat in the semi-final at the hands of Aquila Trento (then the winner). Seck then took part in the Lissone JIT with Vanoli Cremona: on that occasion he was Edoardo Buffo's partner.

The fourth young player to join the first team is Vincenzo Festinese (born 2002), fresh from a year in Salerno in which he was part of the roster playing in Serie B and played in the Under 18 DNG championship and the C Gold with the Pallacanestro Salerno shirt. Previously the player had gained experience in the youth sectors of Juve Caserta and Vado Ligure.

This is the thought of Massimo Olivieri, technical manager of the Juventus youth sector: ʺIt is obligatory to thank the management and the owners for the great effort made to expand the number of places in the guesthouse: this has given great incentive to the development of the youth sector and the Club's growth project. The four young people joining the club will have to be ready for the needs of Serie A2: Paulinus, now in his second year with us, has made important steps forward on a physical, technical and mental level already last season and will have the opportunity to grow further. Lisini also trained with the first team in 2018/19 and will be available to the staff again. As for the two new players, Seck is a very athletic and strong center inside the area, good at playing the pick'n'roll: he will give a big hand in raising the quality of training. Festinese is a winger with good technique, skilled at passing the ball and shooting: he will have to grow physically but we hope to put him in the best conditions to do so. These are four athletes aggregated to the first team who will also play with the Under 18 DNG and the C Silver from Voghera, formations of which they will have to be points of reference for their teammates. It will be important for everyone to have the right attitude and predisposition for daily work in order to earn space in Serie A2: in front of them they have the example of Edoardo Buffo who, with the progress shown last season, deserved a place in the ten of the roster of the first teamʺ.