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'We Do Better Together': the first phase of the season ticket campaign has been extended until 15 July

'We Do Better Together': the first phase of the season ticket campaign has been extended until 15 July

Passion and enthusiasm are growing more and more for Bertram Derthona, which is preparing to begin the second Serie A season of its history. There have been numerous renewals and new subscriptions to the Lions' season ticket campaign for 2022/23. The company communicates have prolonged the first sales phase up to Friday July 15, going to the Club headquarters, located in Via San Marziano 4, from 10 12 to and from the 16 19 or by connecting to the following link on the website Vivaticket: https://www.vivaticket.com/it/ticket/abbonamento-derthona-22-23-15-gare/183689


'We Do Better Together' is the claim that the Company has chosen for the season ticket campaign, underlining the importance of teamwork on and off the pitch. In the first phase the 21/22 subscribers they will be able to purchase their subscription taking advantage of a discount of 7% compared to the full price while maintaining the same place as last season. With the promotion 'bring a friend' these people will be able to make people buy, under the same favorable conditions, the card also to a new subscriber.


Below are the season ticket prices in the various sectors of the Casale Monferrato arena for 21/22 season ticket holders and for users of the 'bring a friend' initiative:


VIP parterre € 800,00
Parterre € 650,00 € 520,00
Black and White Parterre € 520,00 € 415,00
Derthona Grandstand € 325,00 € 260,00
Black and White Grandstand € 279,00 € 225,00
South curve € 140,00 € 112,00
Curva Nord Derthona € 102,00 € 82,00


The reductions apply to Under 18 and to Over 65. Bertram Derthona also offers for sale the Family Pack, which involves the purchase of a full price and reduced price subscription 40% for the other members of the family unit, upon presentation of the document certifying it family status.


In the pre-emption phase they will be able to reserve their place in the VIP parterre only people who had a season ticket in one of the 126 places in that sector in the 2021/22 season. These season ticket holders will, alternatively, be able to take advantage of the change of seat compared to last year while maintaining the dedicated discounts.


Until Friday 15 July, even people who were not season ticket holders last year will be able to purchase the season pass in the same way (Club secretariat or Vivaticket website) provided for those who exercise the renewal. Below are the prices of the season passes for new season ticket holders:


Parterre € 700,00 € 560,00
Black and White Parterre € 560,00 € 445,00
Derthona Grandstand € 350,00 € 280,00
Black and White Grandstand € 300,00 € 240,00
South curve € 150,00 € 120,00
Curva Nord Derthona € 110,00 € 88,00


Reduced rates also apply to these people Under 18 and to Over 65, in addition to the possibility of purchasing the Family Pack.


For any further information you can contact Bertram Derthona by telephone at 0131 1953689 or by writing an email to segreteria@derthonabasket.it.


'We Do Better Together': we are living together in the Lions' second year of Serie A.