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A great Bertram wins the LNP Super Cup 2019 Old Wild West final

A great Bertram wins the LNP Super Cup 2019 Old Wild West final

Bertram Derthona-APU Udine 78-67

(19-15, 43-32, 61-52)


Derthona: Paulinus ne, Buffo, Tavernelli 7, Formenti 11, Seck, Gaines 15, De Laurentiis 6, Mascolo 2, Lisini ne, Gražulis 19, Martini 8, Pullazi 10. Coach Ramondino

Udine: Cromer 12, Amato 7, Antonutti 8, Fabi 11, Zilli, Cortese 3, Jerkovic, Beverly 25, Nobile 1, Micalich ne. All. Ramagli

È great Bertram at the Allianz Cloud in Milan: in the semi-final of the LNP Super Cup 2019 Old Wild West the Bianconeri lead the match against Udine from start to finish, separating the pass for the final act of the event.

The start of the match was characterized by the great balance between the two teams, who showed intensity and energy: it was Bertram - guided by Gaines' plays - who led the operations in the first minutes of the match.
The first half ends with Derthona leading 19-15. In the second set Udine overtakes (21-22) with Cromer and Cortese, before suffering the reaction of the team coached by coach Ramondino who - with a 7-0 break - reaches the two possession margin (28-22 at 15 ').
The Lions continued the favorable moment in the following minutes too, reaching a 9-point lead at 33-24 in the 16th minute and forcing coach Ramagli to stop the game.
At the end of the first half Bertram overcomes the double-digit gap and leads 20-43 in the 32th minute. Upon returning from the locker rooms, the Juventus team further expanded their margin, thanks to effective offensive solutions: it was after Pullazi's basket - which sealed the maximum lead (+17, 58-41) - that coach Ramagli interrupted operations again.
Coming out of the time-out comes the reaction of the APU, led by Beverly, who ends the half with a single-digit disadvantage (61-52). The match now flows on the edge of balance, with continuous breaks and counterbreaks that keep the distances between the two teams almost unchanged.
Thus we reach the last minutes of the game with Bertram in control of the score: a glacial Gaines brings the score back to double figures (78-67) less than two minutes from the siren, with coach Ramagli stopping the game.
In the final minutes the score remains unchanged and Derthona reaches the final of the LNP 2019 Old Wild West Super Cup, where they will challenge Reale Mutua Torino in the match scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday 28 September 2019, at 20.15pm at the Allianz Cloud in Milan.