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A Wednesday like Lions: Derthona beats Forlì

A Wednesday like Lions: Derthona beats Forlì

Bertram Derthona-Unieuro Forlì 80-76

(15-17, 37-24, 49-45, 62-62)


Derthona: Sackey ne, Cannon 12, Gazzotti 3, Ambrosin 5, D'Ercole 8, Fabi 14, Mascolo 16, Severini 6, Sanders 16, Morgillo ne. All. Ramondino

Forlì: Rush 5, Giachetti 10, Campori, Natali 8, Bolpin 8, Landi 23, Dilas ne, Rodriguez 16, Bruttini 2, Roderick 4. Coach Dell'Agnello

Bertram wins, at the end of a tense match, conducted for long stretches and played at very high intensity. Forlì is good at not giving up despite the Lions' partial scores and grabbing extra time at the end, but Ramondino's team doesn't lose its nerve.

In overtime the Lions are good at consistently finding the basket from outside, achieving a valuable success at the end of a solid performance for all forty-five minutes. Four Juventus players scored double figures: Sanders and Mascolo (both 16 points), Fabi (14 points) and Cannon (12 points).

High intensity start to the match at the PalaOltrepò: Forlì leads in scoring but Bertram responds blow for blow and with Severini's triple closes the first ten minutes 15-17.

In the second half the Lions tried to escape, producing a stunning 20-0 (from 12-17 to 32-17 between the end of the first quarter and the second) which allowed them to finish ahead 37-24 at halftime. Upon returning from the changing rooms Forlì returns to the match and overtakes Natali (40-42 at 25'), before Fabi, Cannon and Ambrosin make the new Juventus lead (49-45 at 30'). The final period is played with playoff intensity and physicality, with talented plays and tough defenses: Derthona first escapes, then suffers the return of Forlì (60-58 at 39'), who grabs the tie at 62 with the basket from Landi two seconds before the siren: it's overtime. In extra time, Bertram started better again, finding continuity in her shot from outside: Giachetti's baskets then signed the tie again at 72 with 1 minute to go. D'Ercole's triple and Sanders' breakthrough allow the Lions to move up 5 (77-72) 45 seconds from the siren. Forlì's last comeback attempt is stopped by Sanders' dunk again: Derthona wins 80-76.