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28/04/2024 18:15
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U19 Excellence, Allianz Derthona wins Turin and fully enters the National Finals area

U19 Excellence, Allianz Derthona wins Turin and fully enters the National Finals area

Basketball Turin – Allianz Derthona Tortona 62-73

(14-21, 28-39, 38-55)

Torino: Clement 6, G. Raho 2, Loiacono, Corica 4, Canelli, Jahier 8, Lazzari 2, Molle, Nsir 2, Spada, Eruke 16, Fea 22. All. F. Raho.

Derthona: Albertinazzi 3, Baldi 10, Bresciani 2, Conte ne, Diodati 13 (7 rb, 3 rec), Farias 17 (5 ast), Fogliato ne, Josovic 14, Korlatovic 2, Moro 4, Tambwe 8 (15 rb), Tandia neither. All. Ansaloni, ass. Tosarelli, Albasini.

Referees: Giovagnini and Scolaro.


THEU19 Excellence ofAllianz Derthona is fully positioned within the area of ​​the ranking that counts for the National Finals. Repeating the home success of the first leg against Basketball Turin and taking advantage of the internal knockout of ex-roommate Pall. Cantù at the hands of the Piedmont Alba Campus, the training of Luca Ansaloni escape to 2 th in the company of College Basketball Borgomanero, leaving the Canturini behind by 2 points afterwards 13 turns of the Group 1 National.

Al Altarpiece Gianni Asti of the Piedmontese capital, the Bianconeri settle things already with the +17 at the end of the third quarter for the 10th victory in 14 matches. With the absence of three important terminals such as Tandia, Conte and Errica, it is Bruno Farias (in the photo of the first leg) to give a greater contribution in the offensive phase, finishing as the Lions' top scorer and best assister.

In next round, the third of the return round, theAllianz it's waiting Tuesday 23 January at 20pm al PalaInsubria of Varese by the hosts of Varese Academy.

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