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28/04/2024 18:15
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Three quarters in balance, then Venezia pulls ahead: Bertram defeated in Game 1

Three quarters in balance, then Venezia pulls ahead: Bertram defeated in Game 1

Bertram Derthona-Umana Reyer Venice 66-77 

(22-18, 37-35, 53-59)


Derthona: Mortellaro ne, Wright 16, Cannon 5, Tavernelli, Filloy 5, Mascolo 8, Cattapan ne, Severini 2, Sanders 2, Daum 4, Cain 10, Macura 14. Coach Ramondino

Venice: Stone 3, Bramos 13, Tonut 13, De Nicolao, Echodas ne, Morgan 5, Mazzola 6, Brooks 6, Theodore 13, Cerella ne, Vitali 3, Watt 15. All. De Raffaele

Defeat in Game 1 of the quarter-finals for Bertram Derthona, who led in scoring for over 27 minutes, before suffering the overtaking and subsequent opponent's lead in the final period. In less than forty-eight hours, Tuesday 17 May at 20pm, the second act of the series, again at the PalaEnergica Paolo Ferraris.

First period with a high offensive pace for Derthona, who found good solutions near the basket to lead in the score after the initial ten minutes (22-18). In the second half Reyer overtakes with baskets from Theodore, Vitali and Watt (30-33 at 17'), before Macura's triple closes the first half at 37-35.

In the third quarter the balance remains between the two teams, who play with energy and intensity on both sides of the pitch: Venezia, after having chased throughout the half, puts its head forward in the final moments thanks to the plays of Tonut and Stone, which sets the score at 53-59. In the final period, Reyer maintained the margin accumulated by finding baskets at the end of 24 seconds which took away the pace of the Juventus comeback, then extending it thanks to Bramos and Watt and winning 66-77.

Thus coach Marco Ramondino at the end of the race: “Congratulations to Venezia, who deservedly won a tough, balanced match played openly by both teams. The race didn't get going until very close to the end, I think we lacked a bit of precision on our part. I don't know if changing strategy can help us close the gap, but rather limit the mistakes as the effort increases. Today the percentages did not reward good shots and this helped Venezia who had good results with the defensive changes. Out of just 26 field goals we made, 16 were assisted: this is a fact that should encourage us. I think we can improve on defensive positioning, because if you let Reyer play as she wants, the level of experience and talent they have allows them to manage the game as if they had the remote control. So in game 2 we need a game of precision, of small things to put in place that we will have to be good at doing.".