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Towards Openjobmetis Varese-Bertram Derthona: the words of coach Ramondino

Towards Openjobmetis Varese-Bertram Derthona: the words of coach Ramondino

The eve of the first match of 2023 for Bertram Derthona, who will take to the field tomorrow evening, Monday 2 January, at 19.30 pm at the 'Lino Oldrini' Palasport against Openjobmetis Varese, currently at 14 points in the standings.

Presenting the characteristics of the opponents was, as usual, coach Marco Ramondino: “Varese is a team that is offering extremely aggressive basketball on both sides of the pitch, and that takes and materializes advantages at the beginning of possession. He has many players capable of handling the ball, attacking, entering the area and finishing or opening up for shooters. Often playing with four wingers and just one wide player, they open up the pitch a lot. Openjobmetis gives few points of reference as it attacks the opposing defense while it is lining up, not only on the counterattack but also with the ability to play on the immediate advantages that it is good at building.".

“In this match the mental aspect will be particularly important – continues the Juventus head coach – as the bout requires a very high level of discipline. A challenge awaits us with a high number of possessions against a team that plays aggressively, so we will have to be good at limiting errors against a team that will make many important plays thanks to the talent of the individuals. It will therefore be important to limit gratuitous and unforced errors".

Bertram Derthona communicates that all the players are available to coach Ramondino for the trip to Varese.