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Towards Nutribullet Treviso-Bertram Derthona: the words of coach Ramondino

Towards Nutribullet Treviso-Bertram Derthona: the words of coach Ramondino

Eve of a new commitment for Bertram Derthona, engaged at the PalaVerde against Nutribullet Treviso in the match valid for the 17th day of the 2022/23 Serie A championship. The race is scheduled for 17.30pm tomorrow, Sunday 29 January.

Presenting the characteristics of the opponents was, as usual, coach Marco Ramondino: “Certainly, with the injury and subsequent sale of Sokolowski, Banks and Iroegbu had more minutes and responsibilities, and it is normal that players of this talent have improved in performance, playing several great matches. We will have to enter the match with maximum attention and promptness, because our inability to do the right things in the right way was the factor in the first leg match. Under the basket Treviso added Ellis, who has physicality and athleticism, played in the EuroLeague and has an important pedigree. As we know, the market often overturns teams by allowing the signing of players who were not approachable in the summer. The hiring of Invernizzi, who arrived during the week, adds further unpredictability in the preparation of the match".

The Juventus head coach then commented on the great balance in the standings at the start of the second round: “The great characteristic of the championship is the openness to any result on every pitch and on every single day. This is also peculiar to the best teams, Milan and Bologna, and it has been an aspect that has been present for many years. I think this is the toughest part of the tournament, because maybe other championships have more talent and athleticism, a different profile, but the balance that exists in Italy every week is not found in many other competitions.".

Bertram Derthona communicates that all the players are available to coach Ramondino for the trip to Treviso.