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Towards Umana Reyer Venezia-Bertram Derthona: the words of coach Ramondino and Mike Daum

Towards Umana Reyer Venezia-Bertram Derthona: the words of coach Ramondino and Mike Daum

Championship eve for Bertram Derthona, awaiting the match againstUmana Reyer Venice scheduled tomorrow, Sunday March 27 17.30 hours, at PalaTaliercio and valid for the 24th day of the 2021/22 Unipolsai Serie A championship.


The race, and the current ranking situation, were introduced as usual coach Marco Ramondino: “Aside from the very top positions, there are a large number of teams within a few wins of each other, so our focus must remain on the individual opponent. In the case of Venezia, it is a team with many qualities and resources, a high level offensive and defensive game both in terms of execution and variety of solutions. The roster can change from week to week, compared to the first match they entered Theodore e Bramos has returned to have a prominent role. Against teams of this level it will be necessary to play a game of continuity and attention.".

The Juventus coach then analyzed in detail the roster available to coach De Raffaele, underlining that “there are great champions who were points of reference for Reyer, like Austin Daye, Michael Bramos e Mitchell Watts and the group of Italians, including Andrea DeNicolao e Stefano Tonut, which are very important for the championship. With Thedore's addition they have restructured their hierarchies and are able to change face during the individual matches. This season Venezia has struggled to find rhythm and synchronism, but with a roster of this level, any result is still possible for them.".

He spoke alongside coach Ramondino Mike Daum, who spoke about his physical condition: “I'm improving, my face is still a little sore but I think I'll be able to remove the protective mask soon. In recent months I have grown thanks to the work that the staff has done to prepare me and my teammates for the level of physicality of Serie A. I believe that this is allowing me to perform well in training and in matches".

The American player then concluded by focusing on the growth he had in the months in Tortona: “I believe that arriving in a new country, where I had the opportunity to learn a different basketball culture, improved me both in the way of thinking and in the way of playing. In recent months I have grown by learning many things both from the technical staff and from my teammates".