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Towards Bertram Derthona-Happy Casa Brindisi: the words of coach Ramondino

Towards Bertram Derthona-Happy Casa Brindisi: the words of coach Ramondino

Championship eve for Bertram Derthona, awaiting the important match at the Happy Casa Brindisi scheduled tomorrow, Sunday April 2, 16 hours at the PalaEnergica Paolo Ferraris in Casale Monferrato.

The characteristics of the next opponents and the most significant aspects of the challenge were presented coach Marco Ramondino: “As with the matches against Trento and Sassari, I think a key will be to try to raise the level of physicality against a team like Brindisi which has many athletic players. This is very important both in individual comparisons and as a team. Compared to the match in the first round, Happy Casa has changed a lot both in terms of numbers of players and structure, adding Harrison and Lamb who are two wingers who make a huge impact on an offensive level and moving Burnell from '4'. The field is now more open, with an extra ball handler who attacks the basket from the dribble: it is no coincidence that Brindisi is the team that shoots the most from 2 points in Serie A. This combines with the defensive ability to raise the level of aggression and physicality, breaking opponents' games".

Tomorrow's match will also see the return of Bruno Mascolo as an opponent. In this regard, the Juventus head coach commented as follows: “Bruno did a lot and gave us everything, for which we are very grateful to him. We are also happy with the excellent season he is having and the consideration he has gained as a player in Italy. In Brindisi he carved out an important role for himself, so it will be a great pleasure to meet him again, as has already happened with all the athletes who have given us so much".

Bertram Derthona communicates that all the athletes, with the exception of Mike Daum, are available to coach Ramondino for tomorrow's challenge.