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Towards Bertram Derthona-Givova Scafati: the words of coach Ramondino

Towards Bertram Derthona-Givova Scafati: the words of coach Ramondino

The race against the Givova Scafati, scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday 22 January at 19.00 pm at the PalaEnergica Paolo Ferraris, inaugurates the second round of Bertram Derthona. The Juventus team finished the first round in third place, behind EA7 Emporio Armani Milano and Virtus Segafredo Bologna, with a record of 10 wins and 5 defeats.

The most important aspects of the second phase of the regular season were analyzed coach Marco Ramondino: “Our margin for growth is still wide, although we are aware that we are not a very young team. As a staff, therefore, we must be balanced in proposing things also in terms of quantity: the objective must be continuity and confirmation in a return round in which the weight will increase and in which we will face teams that have changed compared to the first leg, such as for example Scafati who will have Mian and Butjankovs as new faces, and Okoye and Imbrò more integrated compared to the match a month ago".

Moving on to Sunday's opponents, this is the comment from the Juventus head coach: “Scafati is an extremely solid team that had a playoff profile in the second part of the first half of the season, with five wins in nine matches. This is a team that is starting to march and find the continuity and results that such a roster deserves. Givova plays its basketball, very solid, making few errors both at home and away, and forcing its opponents to be orderly and continuous.".

Bertram Derthona communicates that all the athletes are available to coach Ramondino for tomorrow's match.