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Towards Bertram Derthona-GeVi Napoli: the words of coach Ramondino and Riccardo Tavernelli

Towards Bertram Derthona-GeVi Napoli: the words of coach Ramondino and Riccardo Tavernelli

Championship eve for Bertram Derthona, waiting for the match GeVi Naples scheduled tomorrow, Saturday March 19, 20 hours at the PalaEnergica Paolo Ferraris in Casale Monferrato.


The challenge was introduced, as usual, by coach Marco Ramondino, who spoke about the characteristics of the next opponents, fresh from the change of coach (Maurizio Buscaglia replacing Stefano Sacripanti): ʺNapoli is a team with very high potential both from a technical and physical point of view. On a single match he can beat any team. I believe that the change on the bench extrapolates this match from their moment and brings new energy and greater responsibility to the players, so it will be important to equalize the energies against a deep team that knows how to find many different resources and solutions. We will have to be competitive regardless of who will be available and the form of the players.

The Juventus head coach then commented on the extension of his contract until June 2024: ʺI am very happy because I believe I am a person dedicated to improvement. Continuity is very important to me, I'm happy to continue to help carry this project forward.

Alongside coach Ramondino, he introduced the challenge Captain Riccardo Tavernelli, who spoke about the confidence boost given by the success in Sassari: ʺIt was a victory that increases our awareness. Despite the difficulties linked to the absence of Daum and the foul problems of Macura and Cannon, the group was decisive in bringing home two points from a difficult pitch against a team in formʺ.

Tavernelli then spoke about the championship and the match against Napoli: ʺIn this very short ranking situation, in which victories and defeats have an important weight, direct clashes are fundamental. The first leg against Napoli was fought until the end, but compared to that match we have changed and matured. We know that they are coming from a difficult moment, so we will have to be careful and take advantage of the fact that we are playing at home to try to win the two pointsʺ.