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The week of the Juventus youth teams: U16 Gold at the Final Four Cup, Debutants protagonists in Genoa, waiting for the U17 Finals

The week of the Juventus youth teams: U16 Gold at the Final Four Cup, Debutants protagonists in Genoa, waiting for the U17 Finals

The end of the season is getting ever closer for Derthona Basketball Lab, which however still has a final with a bang in store with its youth teams. The seasonal adventures of U15 Eccellenza and U19 Silver ended this week, the Final Four of the Piedmont Cup will start soon for the U16 Gold, the very last events in the next few days for U14 Gold and U13 Silver. However, the highlight of the 2021/22 Juventus season is still missing: participation in the National Finals in Mantua of 20-26 JuneU17 Excellence, regional champion of Piedmont and Liguria, who in the meantime is preparing for the Italian tournament with two friendly matches (the first in Parma, the second at PalaCamagna on Friday 10th) against another regional champion, Pallacanestro Fulgor Fidenza, first place in Emilia Romagna.


THEU15 Excellence ended its journey on a high note, a clear victory on the Biella Next pitch, with Alessandro De Filippo coming close to the ventello as top scorer. The youngest of the club's three Excellence teams thus finished the third "Completion" phase in second place, behind only JB Monferrato, finishing with an overall balance of 11 victories in 34 matches, of which 9 in the last 20, demonstrating yes of a second part of the season with opponents more within reach for Andrea Fanaletti's team but also of the growth of a group that has gradually acquired greater awareness of its capabilities, better than what the season said in the cold numbers.


THEU19 Silver over the course of the latest releases, however, it has lost the thread of a discussion that had gone well for a good part of the year. Paolo De Ros's team, also penalized by absences, said goodbye with two defeats in as many matches and greeted the "Top 4" group of the second phase with fifth and penultimate place, after finishing in third place in a first phase which 'had long seen in his head.


Instead, it has now found continuityU16 Gold. Tommaso Della Godenza's quintet is back from a seven-game series of successes which allowed them to win the Coppa 1 Group and present themselves with the home advantage in the quarter-final of the Piedmont Cup playoffs against Alfieri Torino, who were clearly beaten in the two home and away races. Now we are waiting for the Final Four which will be played in La Morra (CN), where in the semi-final on Saturday 11 June at 15pm there will be the match against Conte Verde Basket di Rivoli and in the eventual final on the day after the match with the winner of Biella Next – Torino Teen.


Also on June 11th there will be the final act for theU13 Silver who, after having easily won the derby with Nuovo Basket Tortona, in case of further success on the Mado Valenza pitch will defend their second place in the "Top 1" group of the second phase, missing qualification for the Final Four by just one position for the regional title. For coach Stefano Cova's quintet, the flattering path of 15 successes in 19 seasonal matches remains.


The sector too minibasket he got some great satisfaction last weekend. Among all the final reached by Debutant to the tournament Friends of Yuri – Memorial Sister Clara di GenoVa. After winning the qualifying group thanks to the victories over the hosts PGS Auxilium (15-9, the sum of the scores of the half times) and over CUS Genova (16-8), to stop the race towards the title of the very young lions of coach Fanaletti was My Basket Genova, winning 14-10 in the final match.





U15 Excellence – Third phase 1st day ret. (rec.) Round Completion


Biella Next – Bertram Yachts Derthona 71-89

(17-29, 42-52, 61-71)

Derthona: Cervini 16, S. Angeletti 7, De Filippo 19, P. Angeletti 6, Borasi 2, Chikal 16, R. Bordoni 10, Calvaresi 4, Si. Vio 7, Dalocchio 2, Ablatico. All. Fanaletti, ass. Of Enjoyment.



U19 Silver – Second phase of the “Top 4” group


4th day back.

Vercelli Rices – Bertram Yachts Derthona 72-62

(18-12, 22-13,  14-24, 18-13)

Derthona: Cremonti 2, Curti 10, Di Mattia, Lombardi, Lerta 7, Bottaro 11, Melisi, Coffano 2, Magrassi 6, Bertelli 10, Mogni 11, Calu' 3. Coach De Ros, ass. Censors.


5th day back.

Cus Torino – Bertram Yachts Derthona 97-40

(27-16, 26-9, 24-7, 20-8)

Derthona: Curti 13, Di Mattia, Lombardi 2, Bottaro 12, Coffano 2, Bertelli 4, Calù, Mogni 7. Coach De Ros, ass. Censors.



U16 Gold – Playoff second phase “Cup 1” – Quarter-finals


First leg

Alfieri Torino – Bertram Yachts Derthona 51-76

(9-14, 24-37, 36-54)

Derthona: Jokanovic 6, Miladinovic 12, Nebbia 4, Cervini 8, Repetto 11, C. Gay 16, S. Angeletti 2, De Filippo 9, P. Angeletti 2, R. Bordoni 3, Calvaresi, Si. Vio 3. All. Della Enjoyment, ass. Palumbo.


Return match

Bertram Yachts Derthona – Alfieri Torino 82-62

(24-14, 51-32, 65-43)

Derthona: Jokanovic 11, Miladinovic 14, Nebbia, Chikal 8, Repetto 12, C. Gay 16, S. Angeletti 7, Borasi 8, P. Angeletti 4, Bonardi 2, Ablatico, Dalocchio. All. Della Godenza, Palumbo.



U13 Silver – Second phase of the “Top 1” group


5th day back.

Bertram Yachts Derthona – Basket Chieri 52-62

(13-19, 26-27, 35-48)

Derthona: Stefanescu 7, Ercole 1, Zanardi 4, Barbero 5, Bonura 2, Quaini 12, Perrone, Musso 3, Bruno 18, Barbieri, Orsi, Zanocco. All. Cova, ass. Bagnasco.


6th day back.

Bertram Yachts Derthona – Nuova Basket Tortona 76-43

(20-9, 37-21, 59-32)

Derthona: Cucchi 8, Stefanescu, Beltrame 2, Ercole 14, Zanardi 2, Barbero 15, Bonura 4, Bruno 13, Barbieri, Orsi 2, Quaini 16. All. Cova, ass. Bagnasco.



Minibasketball – Beginners

Yuri's Friends Tournament – ​​Sister Clara Memorial, Genoa


Qualifying round:

PGS Auxilium Genoa – Bertram Yachts Derthona 9-15

Bertram Yachts Derthona – CUS Genoa 16-8


1st place final:

My Basket Genoa – Bertram Yachs Derthona 14-10

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