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28/04/2024 18:15
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The week of the Juventus youth teams

The week of the Juventus youth teams

Series C Silver

Grass 67

Olympia Voghera 50

Voghera: Seck 22, Valle 10, Oriti 7, Ciadini 2, Cremaschi 4, Barbieri 1, Dolcino 2, Cartasegna 2, Ogliaro ne, Pezzulla, Lisini. All. Olivieri Ass. Gaudio

Balanced match in the first two quarters, where Voghera remained in contact with the opponents led by Malberti (author of 21 points at the siren) thanks to Seck's physicality and good counterattack plays. In the second half, thanks to the home team's zone, Olympia's attack encountered greater difficulties and, consequently, the defensive intensity dropped: these two aspects allowed Erba to score the decisive break and bring the inertia from the own part. The final +17 (67-50) is a severe result based on what we saw on the pitch and must help Voghera to raise the overall level of the game: although the results are not positive at the moment, there are good signs to work on for the next matches.

Regional Series D

Tortona 74

Pall. Trino 70

Tortona: Maldino 9, Gatti 17, Tava 7, Grattarola 12, Nizzola ne, Mogni 2, Emanuelli 2, Campeggi 5, Piva 6, Ramaj ne, Zanchetta 12, Denicolò L. 2. All. De Ros Ass. Lonardo, Marina

Under 18 DNG

Bk Altomilanese Academy 66

Derthona 68

Derthona: Seck 22, Buffo 19, Valle 8, Barbieri 7, Festinese 6, Ciadini 3, Tosi 3, Emanuelli, Dolcino, Rota, Pezzulla, Tava. All. Olivieri Ass. Gaudio

Fourth victory of the season for the Juventus team, who approached the first minutes of the match well thanks to a good defense and choral solutions in attack. The first quarter ends with the guests leading by 14 points, before the opponent's reaction - capable of exploiting a decline by the Lions - who come back into contact at the end of the first half. The recovery flows on the edge of great balance; Derthona maintains clarity at the end, especially in the last seconds of the game, when the home team impacts the match (15 seconds from time). Barbieri's subsequent basket and excellent final defense allow the Bianconeri to win 66-68. In view of the next matches it will be necessary to continue working in search of greater continuity and consistency over the forty minutes, but the path traced is the right one.

Under 18 Gold

Valsesia 51

Tortona 60

Tortona: Denicolò L. 6, Cremonti 2, Nizzola 15, Mogni 19, Lombardi 4, Ramaj 6, Melisi 2, Rangone 4, Neri 2, Bagnasco, Malvicini, Sala. All. De Ros

First success of the season for the Juventus team who, against Valsesia, led the match from the first actions. Tortona plays a solid team match, finding a good contribution from all the actual employees, and achieves success with a score of 51-60 at the siren.

Under 17 Gold

Oasi Laura Vicuna 83

Derthona 66

Derthona: Pezzulla 9, Colombetti 1, Fiorucci, Curti, Tosi, Rota 18, Orlando 2, Lerta 8, Emanuelli 17, Coffano 2, Angeleri 5, Bottaro 3. All. Della Godenza Ass. Censurini

Debut with defeat for the Juventus team, who - against Oasi Laura Vicuna - paid for the greater physicality of their opponents capable of obtaining second opportunities thanks to numerous offensive rebounds. The Lions found themselves forced to chase for the entire duration of the match, surrendering 83-66 at the siren; in view of the next championship matches, it will be necessary to increase the level of concentration and attention from the first stages of the match.

Under 16 Gold

Gymnastics Turin 71

Derthona 66

Derthona: Sacco 15, Chiappini, Colombetti 7, Fiorucci 6, Nocentine, Curti, Orlando, Calù 8, Magrassi, Lerta 11, Coffano 11, Angeleri 8. Coach Della Godenza

Defeat in the sprint for the Under 16s of Derthona, who surrendered to Turin Gymnastics at the end of a balanced match largely led by the boys coached by Della Godenza. A complex third quarter prevented the Bianconeri from achieving success; positive situations in both halves of the pitch should be noted which must be pursued throughout the remainder of the championship.

Under 15 Excellence

Campus Piedmont 80

Derthona 51

Derthona: Lisini 5, Bellinaso 11, Vio 21, Leone, Moro 6, Bertelli 3, Ferrari, Segatto, Mogni 5, Ramazzina. All. Di Matteo Ass. Fanaletti

First defeat in the championship for the Juventus Under 15s against the strong Campus Piemonte: the home team started off strongly, with a 15-0 run that directed the match from the first minutes of the game (in the 10th minute the Turin team led by 16 points ). Despite the reaction of the Lions, who try to shorten the gap, Campus always maintains control of the match, further expanding their margin up to the final +29 (80-51). This match will have to be useful for Derthona to raise their level of intensity on both halves of the pitch on the next occasions.

Under 13 Elite

Asd Collegno 78

Derthona 50

Derthona: Vio 11, D'Albertis 6, Ablatico 8, Borasi 2, Bordoni 1, Calvaresi 6, Bellinaso 7, Dalocchio 2, Acquini 3, Censurini 2, Cervini 2. Coach Fanaletti

Second championship match for the Under 13 Elite who - on the Collegno pitch - played on par with their opponents for the entire duration of the first half, finding good solutions in the attacking half of the pitch. In the third period Collegno, also taking advantage of his greater physicality, achieved an important partial (28-6) that directed the match. In the last half, despite the accumulated disadvantage, the young Lions returned to producing good basketball, sending all eleven players on the scoresheet: the final saw the home team win 78-50. As the season continues, the Bianconeri will have to be more consistent during the match in order to continue their growth path.


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Sat 02/11 – 21.00am

Regional Series D

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Fri 01/11 – 21.00 pm

Under 18 DNG

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Tue 05/11 – 21.00 pm

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Sun 03/11 – 11.30am

Under 15 Excellence


Sat 02/11 – 17.30am

Under 14 Elite

Derthona-Pall. Moncalieri San Mauro

Sun 03/11 – 11.15am

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Sat 09/11 – 15.15am

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