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The results of the youth teams

The results of the youth teams


Third consecutive defeat in Vado for the Juventus juniors called to gain experience in a group that is proving to be truly challenging. There are still two rounds left to finish the first leg: at home against the fearsome Alba and then away to Omegna, also still without a win.

I go – Derthona 94-48 (23-16, 47-23, 73-36)

Derthona: Apuzzo 5, Falabrini, Zogno 4, Quargnenti, Benazzo, Piccio 25, Censabella, Picello 9, Yahya, Botter, Veronese 5, Amisano. All. Talpo


Negative debut for coach Gaudio's boys against Borgomanero, despite the willing start of the Tortona cadets. On Saturday afternoon there's a chance to fight harder in the away match scheduled for Trecate.

Derthona – Borgomanero 45-84 (12-10; 11-32; 13-18; 9-24)

Derthona: Hila 15, Gandini 1, Cattaneo 2, Rullo 11, Candiotto 7, Simonelli 4, Moro 5, Lisini, Mogni, Trombini, Colli. All. Gaudio


Good first match for Noli's youngsters who, in the seasonal prologue, got the better of Chivasso at a distance. On Monday 24th at 19.45pm our students will once again be on stage at PalaCamagna hosting Omegna.

Derthona – Chivasso 82-58 (17-14; 19-19; 24-17; 22-12)

Derthona: De Nicolò L. 5, Cremonti 10, Nizzola 2, Balza 6, Lisini 18, Nocenti 14, Pace 22, De Nicolò G. 5, Tava, Franchini, Scarrone, Malvicini. Annex Noli


Coach De Ros' Under 14 tournament opens this week with the outing in Alessandria against Fortitudo.


The very young Bianconeri also had a quiet start to the championship as they had to surrender to the local team in their first away match, thanks to the loss they suffered in the first quarter, which they were never able to recover from. Sunday at 11am expected debut within friendly walls against Oasi Laura Vicuna.

Grugliasco – Derthona 53-39 (16-0; 13-13; 17-14; 12-12)

Derthona: Mogni 2, Chiappini 2, Magrassi 9, Lerta 10, Castagna 12, Coffano 4, Lisini, Vio, Ferrari, Tummino, Bellinaso, Lam. All. De Ros