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20/04/2024 19:00
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Next Gen Cup Final Eight calendar defined: noon fire against Treviso for Allianz Derthona

Next Gen Cup Final Eight calendar defined: noon fire against Treviso for Allianz Derthona

Thursday 22 February at 12:00 in Trento. They are the coordinates of the quarterfinal ofAllianz Derthona, winner of their qualifying group, against Nutribullet Treviso, fourth of the other group, at Final Eight of IBSA Next Gen Cup di Legabasket.

The calendar for the final phase of the 2023/24 edition was defined today: the tournament (which has UnipolSai as presenting sponsor) is dedicated to the 16 Under 19 teams of Serie A clubs and will be held in Trento from Thursday 22nd to Saturday 24th February 2024 at “The T Quotidiano Arena” of Trento. In this final phase of the competition, direct elimination matches in the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final are scheduled to define which team will succeed Carpegna Prosciutto Papalini Pesaro in the competition's roll of honour.

The 8 qualified teams reached the final stage in Trento after having passed the group stage, completed in the stages of Varese and Biella, with a journey of 56 matches played which showcased the young talents of the Serie A clubs.

The IBSA Next Gen Cup has seen collaboration with Trentino Marketing from the beginning and in this final phase it will enjoy the support of APT of Trento and L'Aquila Basket Trento, confirming the qualities of a dynamic city dedicated to volunteering but also a Region which places great attention on young people, on sport: the final phase will be presented in a press conference scheduled for Wednesday 7 February 2024 at 11 am at the Trentino Marketing headquarters.

All Trento matches will be visible on the site, On the canal Twitch of FIP and on the canal YouTube by ItalHoop. Confirming the importance of the youth tournament, the semi-finals and final will also be broadcast on DAZN while the final, following the important tradition of past seasons, will also be visible live on Eurosport 1.

The event, organized by the Lega Basket in harmony with the Italian Basketball Federation, aims to enhance and promote the nurseries of Serie A clubs, ready to train the great champions of tomorrow, to train the technical staff and emerging prospects of the referee class.


Below the calendar of the matches of the final phase in Trento:


Thursday February 22 2024

Allianz Derthona Tortona – NutriBullet Treviso Basket 12.00 pm –, Twitch FIP, YT ItalHoop

Pollini Brescia – Pallacanestro Varese 14.00 pm –, Twitch FIP, YT ItalHoop

EA7 Emporio Armani Milan – Umana Reyer Venice 16.00 pm –, Twitch FIP, YT ItalHoop

Dolomiti Energia Trentino – Generazione Vincente Napoli Basket 18.00 pm –, Twitch FIP, YT ItalHoop


Friday February 23 2024

Vincente Tortona – Treviso / Vincente Brescia – Varese 16.00 pm – DAZN,, Twitch FIP, YT ItalHoop

Vincente Trento – Naples / Vincente Milan – Venice 18.00 pm – DAZN,, Twitch FIP, YT ItalHoop


Saturday 24 February 2024 at 18.00 pm – Eurosport 1, DAZN,, Twitch FIP, YT ItalHoop



In this edition of the IBSA Next Gen Cup, new technical rules are being applied and will be applied on an experimental basis which could represent an element of spectacularisation, speeding up of the game, improvement and individual training of the athletes.

In the final phase the new Target Score rule will also apply:

At the first dead ball, under 4 minutes remaining at the end of the 4th quarter, a Target Score of the game is identified by adding 8 points to the team that has the highest score at that moment. That becomes the score that must be reached or exceeded to win the game for both teams. From that moment on, the remaining time of the match is reset and only shot clocks are used.

Example: At the first dead ball under 4 minutes the score is 78 to 82. The team that first reaches or exceeds the score of 90 points will win.

Furthermore, the technical regulatory changes already tested in the previous stages of the group phase in Varese and Biella will be confirmed:

After a violation in the defensive half of the pitch, the referees must not give the ball to the team entitled to the throw-in.

Bonus to six team fouls. From the sixth foul onwards, in a quarter of the game, the team that has suffered the foul, not in shooting action, will be awarded a point and granted a free throw.

The rule of alternating possession has been eliminated, providing that every contested ball is administered with a jump ball.

If after a free throw the team that returns to defense, in the case in which it presses full court and recovers the ball in the first half of the field, scores a basket in the possession generated by the recovery, this basket is worth 1 more point.

The interval between the second and third quarters will be 5 minutes.



Even in the Final Phase of the Tournament, innovative technological solutions and digital activities will continue to be presented, such as the miking of players and coaches throughout the match, including pre- and post-match, in order to collect all their dialogues. The conversations will be recorded so that, after the end of the competition, they can be examined and summarized. Once the audio track has been obtained, a series of videos will be created which will exclusively tell the "behind the scenes" of the Event.

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