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Third place for the Allianz Derthona U19 team at the JIT in Lissone. The success over the reigning champions Team Ohio and the +26 over the finalist Zadar stand out

Third place for the Allianz Derthona U19 team at the JIT in Lissone. The success over the reigning champions Team Ohio and the +26 over the finalist Zadar stand out

THEU19 Excellence ofAllianz Derthona Tortona continues his collection of important results in prestigious competitions. After the victory in the National Group A of the championship which earned her a top seed in the National Category Finals at the end of the month and second place overall in the Next Gen Cup of Legabasket, without forgetting the quiet salvation obtained in the senior Interregional Serie B championship where is still in contention to enter the playoffs, the podium in the 30th edition of the Junior International Tournament di Lisbon (MB). The team coached by Luca Ansaloni closed at third place with a record of 4 victories and 1 defeat in the four days of the JIT in Brianza, the international competition which saw 12 teams at the starting line. Among the satisfactions of the Tortona Lions was having won their qualifying group by beating the reigning American champions Team Ohio, seven times winner of the tournament in her thirteen participations, and having given 26 points of separation in the semi-final round 1st/8th place to the Croatians of BC Zadar, then beaten by only 1 point by College Basketball Borgomanero in the final.

 Alongside these successes are the victories over the home team Galvi Lissone and to the sprint on the Swedes of Rig Mark in the final for 3rd place. The only defeat against the team narrowly missed reaching the final Pall. Varese in the other match of the semi-final round, a match played not even ten hours after the feat against Team Ohio, and which, combined above all with Zadar's +44 over the same Varese players, condemned the Bianconeri to the "final" due to separate rankings, where making the difference with their baskets in the point-to-point final were Nicholas Errica and Stefano Conte (in the adjacent photo), the latter top team scorer in the tournament with 17.8 points on average, followed by Andrija Josovic's 15.3, and already the protagonist in the success against the Americans with 26 points and 30 rating.
Once the JIT adventure is over, the team dives back into Interregional Serie B with the trip to the Spezia Basket Club field on Sunday for the third to last day of the Silver Play-In. All while anxiously awaiting the start of the U19 Eccellenza National Finals scheduled from 29 April to 5 May in Chiusi and Chianciano Terme.

STATEMENTS The manager responsible for the youth sector of Derthona Basket, Andrea Ablatico: “We are very happy to have participated in a tournament of the importance of the JIT, also crowned by a good technical result. We competed with teams from all over the world and of technical caliber. We were penalized by a somewhat particular formula, but these are things that can happen. It was exciting for the boys to play so many matches in front of a packed stadium with 1000 people watching, so many children asking for autographs, a truly refreshing atmosphere despite the physical fatigue of five matches in less than four days. I would like to thank Dinamo Sassari and Don Bosco Crocetta Torino for lending us two excellent guys like Alessandro Dore and Viktorio Hida for the occasion. Now – promises Ablatico – We are preparing to face the end of the season loaded like springs.”




Qualifying Group A

Allianz Derthona – Galvi Lissone 76-51
(18-13, 40-30, 52-39)
Derthona: Hida 17, Baldi 5, Fogliato 3, Fernandez Lang 11, Farias, Dore 10, Korlatovic 10, Diodati 5, Fonio Fracchia 3, Albertinazzi 3, Moro, Josovic 9. Coach Ansaloni, deputy Tosarelli, ass. Albasini.

Team Ohio – Allianz Derthona 89-95
(16-20, 34-43, 60-71)
Team Ohio: Bailey ne, Kendrick 14, Martin, Aekins 28, Bruskotter 17, Burris 11, Noaa 9, Vandevarker 4, Humprey 2, Gilbert, Kendall 4.
Derthona: Hida 6, Baldi 11 (7 rb), Fernandez Lang 4, Farias, Tambwe 15 (6/9 from the field, 4 stops), Errica 4 (3 ast), Dore 12, Diodati 2, Albertinazzi ne, Moro ne, Conte 26 (3/5 from three, 8 rb, 30 val), Josovic 15 (7 rb). All. Ansaloni, deputy Tosarelli, ass. Censors.


Semifinal round 1st/8th place

Allianz Derthona – Pall. Varese 65-77
(19-20, 41-37, 51-55)
Derthona: Hida 4, Baldi 7, Bresciani, Fernandez Lang 7 (2/4 from three), Farias 6, Tambwe 4 (6 rb), Dore 12, Korlatovic 9 (4/4 from the field, 6 rb), Diodati 5, Albertinazzi 3, Moro, Conte 6. All. Ansaloni, deputy Tosarelli, ass. Censors.
Varese: Zhao 25, Tapparo 11, T. Scola 7, Bardelli, Golino 3, Bortoli 8, Scodeggio 11, Praderio, Capellaro 2, Free 6, G. Librizzi, Mana 4.

KK Zadar – Allianz Derthona 70-96
(15-20, 29-46, 54-69)
Zadar: Badarak 9, Bilokapic 2, Sare 18, Mrceta 5, Bicic ne, Dundovic 12, Grbic 4, Loncar 9, Mustac 2, Gobin ne, Maric ne, Torbarina 9.
Derthona: Hida 2, Baldi 17 (7/9 free throws, 6 rb), Fernandez Lang 2, Farias 9 (6 rb), Tambwe 9 (6 rb), Dore 4, Korlatovic, Diodati 4, W. Bellinaso 5, Moro ne , Conte 21 (6/14 from three), Josovic 23 (10/15 from the field, 3/4 from three, 22 vals). All. Ansaloni, deputy Tosarelli, ass. Censors.


3rd/4th place final

Allianz Derthona – Rig Mark 68-66
(11-15, 32-35, 43-49)
Derthona: Hida 6, Baldi 2, Dore 1 (5 ast), Fernandez Lang 2, Tambwe 8 (14 rb), Errica 12, Korlatovic ne, Diodati 5, Albertinazzi ne, Moro, Conte 18 (3/7 from three), Josovic 14 (9 rb, 3 rec). All. Ansaloni, deputy Tosarelli, ass. Albasini.
Rig Mark: Myrthil 2, Hallberg ne, Medquist 22, Orehie ne, Blixman 4, Musoke 10, Obenjo 9, Music 7, Brostrom 3, Amadasun ne, Reidmav ne, Martenson 9.



1 – College Basketball Borgomanero
2 – KK Zadar (Croatia)
3 – Allianz Derthona Tortona
4 – Rig Mark (Sweden)
5 – Step Higher Academy (USA)
6 – Varese Basketball
7 – Team Ohio (USA)
8 – Bayern Munich (Germany)
9 – Toronto United (Canada)
10 – USK Prague (Czech Rep.)
11 – KK Rijeka (Croatia)
12 – Galvi Lissone

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