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20/04/2024 19:00
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Tambwe dominates the area, Josovic celebrates his years well: Allianz Derthona beats Cantù in the big match, 3rd place stronger in U19 Excellence

Tambwe dominates the area, Josovic celebrates his years well: Allianz Derthona beats Cantù in the big match, 3rd place stronger in U19 Excellence

Allianz Derthona – Pall. Cantu 78-59 

(23-16, 43-37, 61-45)

Derthona: Baldi 16 (4 ast), Bresciani, Farias 8 (10 rb, 5 ast, 22 val), Tambwe 20 (10/17 shooting, 17 rb, 4 rec, 35 val), Korlatovic 1, Diodati 5, Fonio Fracchia , Albertinazzi ne, Moro ne, Conte 12 (6 ast), Josovic 16 (4 ast). All. Ansaloni, ass. Tosarelli, Albasini.

Cantu: Tosetti 10, Cattaneo 2, Viganò, Meroni 10, Moscatelli, Marelli ne, Clerici 21, A. Mazzoleni ne, F. Mazzoleni 4, Ferrari ne, Toluwa, Greppi 12. All. Saibene.

Referees: Suriano from Settimo Torinese (TO) and Giordano from Chivasso (TO).


Impeccable test forU19 Excellence ofAllianz Derthona in the big match of the day Group 1 National. For the 15rd shift, the fourth of the second round, the Bianconeri hosts reject the PalaCamagna the assault on their third place ranked by the Pall. Cantu, forced to also lose the +8 goal difference from the first leg due to the net 78-59 with which Allianz brought home their 11th success, putting them decidedly behind in the standings at 4 points distance and a direct match in favor. Everything is perfect with a view to the race for the top three final places which are worth direct qualification to the National Category Finals.

After the initial 0-7 the young Lions started to get going and after the overtaking signed by Conte's triple for 12-10 they never looked back and led the score with authority and fluid play until the end, without losing conviction within their means not even when from +13 during the first half they saw the Cantù players get closer to -4 at the start of the second half (43-39). Just a moment of readjustment to get back to hitting especially with the plays of the starting pair of big men Josovic-Tambwe, for an 18-8 partial in the third quarter which effectively closed the game with 61-45 at the penultimate siren, defending the advantage without too many dangers in the final half, with Baldi scoring the baskets to keep the margin in double figures.

The MVP Gloris Tambwe (in the photo) closes with an impressive double double reaching a rating of 35, Andrija Josovic celebrates his 18th birthday by giving and giving himself another good all-round performance, the same one ensured by Bruno Farias, with the 22nd rating of the Italian-Argentine point guard arrived with rebounds and assists.

Derthona maintains its third position in the standings in the company of Don Bosco Crocetta Torino, 2 points away from vice-leaders College Basketball Borgomanero. But next Monday, 5 February, it will still be one direct confrontation very important and still on the home parquet: at 20 pm the Novipiù Campus Piedmont Alba, before this round tied with the Bianconeri waiting to play the away match on the Varese Academy pitch this evening.

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