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On the road to Rimini…

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On the road to Rimini…

There are five games left to finish the DNB regular season, then there will be the four-game clock phase and then the play offs. But all attention is now on the Italian Cup finals which will be played next weekend in Rimini, with the consequent interruption of the championship.

Derthona will take the field on Saturday at 18,30pm against Latina.
The Lazio team are also returning from a defeat obtained after a series of six victories in Valdiceppo in Umbria against none other than the bottom of the table. Latina, with a recent past in DNA, is a team with truly remarkable potential with players of the caliber of the Argentinian native Carrizzo (10 points per game), the shooter Pilotti (15 points), the playmaker, ex Varese, Bolzonella (15 points ), in addition to the guard De Martini, the expert and versatile big men Tagliabue and Santolamazza. It will be really tough for Arioli's boys who are hoping for the support of the 150 fans expected to follow, many of whom have already booked the hotel for the night in the hope of returning to the pitch on Sunday for the final against the winner of Pescara – Legnano.

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