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Lorenzo Pansa - Derthona Basketball

  Italy | October 26, 1982

Born in Casale Monferrato on 26 October 1982, he coached the Pms Moncalieri, with which he reached the playoff semi-final after finishing the regular season in first place in group A of series B.

Pansa grew up in the youth sector of Junior Casale, in which he held the roles of Head of the Youth Sector and as a collaborator of Marco Crespi in Serie A and Serie A2.

In 2014 he left Casale, starting his career as head coach at borgosesia (Serie B), club with which he reached the Serie B playoffs twice.

After the excellent experience at pms, the jump in A2 series driving the Derthona.

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Staff 17/18
Lorenzo PansaCoach
Edoardo CasaloneAssistant Coach
Vanni TalpoAssistant Coach
Miro De GiuliSports Director
Marco AmatoTeam Manager
Andrea SisiAthletic trainer
Lorenzo BenedettiPhysiotherapist

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