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Solid and lucid, Derthona passes to Treviso

Solid and lucid, Derthona passes to Treviso

Nutribullet Treviso-Bertram Derthona 79-87

(22-25, 39-43, 56-71)


Treviso: Banks 13, Iroegbu 15, Sarto ne, Ellis 10, Zanelli 5, Jurkatamm 3, Vettori ne, Sorokas 23, Faggian 2, Scandiuzzi ne, Invernizzi 2, Jantunen 6. Coach Nicola

Derthona: Christon 25, Mortellaro ne, Candi 2, Tavernelli, Filloy 7, Severini 3, Harper 10, Daum 18, Cain 5, Radošević 5, Macura 12, Filoni ne. All. Ramondino

First success against Treviso in Serie A in the history of Bertram Derthona, who at the PalaVerde leads the match in terms of scoring for large stretches, resists all comeback attempts by their opponents and obtains two important points to continue their march towards the top of the table. In the last quarter, to definitively decide the match in favor of the team coached by Marco Ramondino – who tonight reaches the prestigious milestone of 100 victories at the helm of the Club – they were the baskets of Semaj Christon (his career high in Italy with 25 points, including 12 in the last 10') and the clarity in the final lines.

First half with high scores and high pace at the PalaVerde: after the particularly balanced opening minutes, Bertram (who already sends 10 players to the scoresheet) tries to take the inertia of this initial phase of the match with a break of 0-7, even if Treviso remains in contact. Filloy's penetrating basket sets the score at 22-25 in the 10th minute. In the second quarter the shooting percentages of both teams drop and the physicality of the match grows further: thanks to the defensive growth, the extra possessions and the clarity in the choices, the team coached by coach Ramondino updates its maximum advantage to 27-33 of the 15'. At the end of the first half, Nutribullet, with Sorokas' triples and offensive rebounds, got closer: at halftime the Bianconeri were ahead 39-43.

Upon returning from the locker rooms, with a new offensive gust (0-15) and a great defensive presence that keeps Treviso without scoring for almost 5 minutes, Bertram updates the maximum margin and tries to give an important boost to the match (43-60 on 26'). In the final stages of the half, Derthona rejected any attempt by the opponent to return and, with Harper's basket, closed ahead 56-71 in the 30th minute. In the last quarter Nutribullet shows great aggression to shorten their gap: with a partial of 12-4 the home team gets back to -7 (68-75) in the 36th minute, igniting the crowd. A 0-4 by Christon-Daum restores the double-digit lead for the Bianconeri, who control the final and win 79-87.

Thus coach Marco Ramondino at the end of the race: “This is a very important victory for us, because beyond the physiological adaptation times to a different type of defense against go-to-guys than what we usually do, it is a match that we controlled. We were able to react correctly to the mistakes made and had the inertia in our hands from the middle of the first quarter onwards: this is the aspect that should make us most proud of this success, as we know how difficult it is to play away under pressure.".