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28/04/2024 18:15
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Coach Cavina contract renewal

Cavina - Derthona Basketball

Coach Cavina contract renewal

Derthona Basket and Demis Cavina communicate with mutual satisfaction that they have formalized the agreement for the 2015/2016 season.

Marco Picchi, sporting director, comments with evident happiness: “We are proud and enthusiastic to have Demis as coach for next season. The objective is to consolidate our reality in basketball which counts with the hope of being able to do even better than this year."

Demis Cavina on the other hand comments like this: "I am extremely satisfied to be able to continue the path started last year here in Tortona. A professional and personal satisfaction that comes at the immediate conclusion of an intense season, which has given us many emotions shared from start to finish with special people, from the players to the staff, from the management to those many fans who have never let us miss their support. I am aware that to consolidate the project we will have an equally intense spring/summer ahead of us, to then dive into what will be the "championship" of the second single league while maintaining the humility of a newly promoted player, aware that the victories of this club in recent years they are born from the sacrifices and energy of a "big town", as I also call my Castle, in which everyone now feels involved in Derthona basketball. “Lions move in packs” quoted the slogan of the season ticket campaign. I would say that today feeling part of this "pack" again is a source of pride."


The coach was born in Castel San Pietro Terme on 11 September 1974 and took his first steps as a basketball player in his hometown. He began coaching in the youth sector of GS Castel San Pietro Terme at just 16 years old, the same club that entrusted him with the bench of the B23 series at the age of 97 (98/2). The good season earned him the call of the ambitious Progresso Castel Maggiore with which he won the B2 championship (98/99) and the B1 championship (99/00) consecutively, landing among the professionals the following year at just 26 years old. The golden three-year period is followed by a parenthesis in Serie A with Roseto (01/02) and the subsequent return to the cadetteria at AB Latina (02/03 and 03/04) where they are hit for the first time by the club, in Serie B1 , the playoffs.

He returns to Legadue in Imola (04/05 and 05/06) where the salvation of the first year is followed by fifth place and the final lost to Scafati in the Final Four in Ferrara. After another good season in Fabriano (06/07) he moved to Sassari (07/8 and 08/09) with which he already achieved the Cup Final Four and the play offs in his first year (which the Sassari team had been missing for a while now). dozen years) after a regular season always played at the top and finishing in third place, while in second the epic and unexpected ride stops in the final promotion with Soresina. In Udine (09/10) he was entrusted with the Snaidero project and with seven athletes trained in Friuli and with a very young average age, the historically orange team managed to qualify for the play offs. In Veroli (10/11 and 11/12) the victory of the League cup comes in the Final Four played in Novara while in the play off semi-final against Venice the Ciociaria team has to surrender after 5 hard-fought battles. In the following two years in Campania he once again managed to reach the play offs with Scafati (12/13) while the Neapolitan adventure (13/14) ended prematurely.

Last year the landing in Tortona, a newly promoted team, with which, after a complicated start, they fought with the "big" teams for access to the play offs, finishing the season with a record of over 50% victories.