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Report 41st Memorial “Uccio Camagna”

Report 41st Memorial “Uccio Camagna”

Fifty years old, but it doesn't look like it: this is how one could call the youth sector of Derthona Basket which last Saturday, with the traditional 41st “Uccio Camagna” Memorial Minibasket Festival, formally closed its 50th sports season, having begun the activity in January 1965.
Another good reason therefore to remember a season that will remain historic not only for the participation in the A2 series, but also for the return to a fair consideration of the youth team.

Here is therefore the start of a program which, in the recovery of tradition, saw the return to the participation of all the regional youth categories, crowned by the first place of the Under 19 Elite who took part in the relevant national finals, remembered at the party with a recognition to Captain Tava Edoardo. Something more was expected from the Under 17s, remembered with an award for Riccardo Mogni's improvements; it's difficult to ask for more from the Under 15s where the perseverance of Edoardo Santoro was rewarded; while for the Under 14s it was easy to foresee the certificate at the crescendo of Sing Akashdeei, the disappointment of the failure to qualify for the regional final of the Under 13s did not overshadow the qualities recognized in Tommaso Pace.

But the “Uccio Camagna” Memorial is above all the celebration of participants in minibasketball courses and for half a century the most awaited prizes have remained those of Miss and Mister Basket which this year went to Valentina Di Lieto and Luca Scabini respectively. Also from the 2003 draft, special mention for the constant progress of Umberto Bagnasco, for 2004 praise for the abilities of Lerta Alessandro, for 2005 recognition for the talent of Leonardo Mogni, for 2006 the aptitude of Claudio Gay was evaluated, for 2007 the skills of Riccardo Bordoni, for 2008 the potential Luca Devecchi and finally for 2009 the hopes are entrusted to Federico Siro. Other special prizes consisting of participation in the Derthona Basket Camp which will be staged at the Lido degli Scacchi from 14 to 21 June went to Daniel Gogaj and Pietro Lisini.

Despite the heat, the festive afternoon passed pleasantly with the matches managed by the tireless instructors Edoardo Gatti and Clara D'Amico in the presence of the authorities such as, in addition to the President of the Juventus association, Lawyer Roberto Tava and the Head of the Youth Sector Andrea Ablatico, the Sports Councilor Vittoria Colacino, the city councilor Giovanni Cuniolo Ferrari and Dr. Pia Camagna President of the Uccio Camagna Foundation.

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