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'Open' project

Derthona Basket is pleased to present to you: OPEN

a free project with social and promotional objectives that create a world of concrete possibilities for collaboration with sports clubs and affiliated young people.


The project is aimed at developing a management growth program for the affiliated company regarding:



It is a new project dedicated to the world of youth sports. We wish to develop it together with all basketball and non-basketball clubs in the Piedmont, Ligurian and Val d'Aosta areas. Designed to support sports clubs.


  • Free registration: joining OPEN it is completely free for sports clubs. There are no hidden costs or financial or technical obligations.
  • Access to a B2B of sports clubs: one of the unique features of OPEN is the ability to connect with:
  • primary suppliers with the lowest prices on the market
  • marketing executives with team building dedicated to executives of affiliated companies
  • commercial executives with team building dedicated to managers of affiliated companies
  • communications executives with team building dedicated to executives of affiliated companies
  • Exclusive resources: OPEN gives access to exclusive resources:
  • ecommerce
  • technical sports internships with Serie A coaches or athletes,
  • tournaments,
  • events and social initiatives,
  • ticketing
  • summer camps
  • Technical support: Receive advice from top-level coaches and sports experts to develop training programs and winning strategies.
  • Participation and organization of exclusive events: possibility of having discounted prices for the use of the facilities of the Cittadella di Tortona: sports, conferences, concerts, tournaments. Derthona Basket match ticketing agreement


  1. It is not a technical program to have players: a project to select or develop players for sports teams.
  2. It is not a program based on economic collaboration, but contributes to commercial management by putting you in contact. With partner companies for savings on your purchases.
  3. And it has no constraints in terms of participation: participation in OPEN it is voluntary and does not involve contractual obligations or legal constraints. Sports clubs are free to choose whether or not to participate in the program and to what extent they benefit from it.


  • One of our representatives will visit you and explain the opportunities of the project as best as possible
  • Via Call or video conference
  • Before our match with our hospitality
  • Call for information: PAOLO DE ROS +39 348 4401627 XNUMX

OPEN project

The first workshop of the 'Open' Project at the 'Cittadella dello Sport'

Over 50 managers of the clubs participating in the 'Open' Project participated in the first workshop dedicated to them: on the morning of Sunday 28 January, at the end of the Serie A training, the clubs that signed the collaboration with Derthona Basket went to the Cittadella dello Sport to attend the event.


After the initial greetings of Walter De Raffaele e Orazio Cutugno, head coaches of Derthona Basket and BCC Derthona Basket, by Ferencz Bartocci, CEO of Derthona Basket and Sole Director of Gestion Cittadella, by Alice Pedrazzi, General Manager of BCC Derthona Basket and Andrea Ablatico, Manager of the Juventus youth sector, the workshop has come to life. The President of FIP Piemonte also brought greetings from the regional committees to the event Gianpaolo Mastromarco and that of FIP Liguria Giuseppe Gonella.


Claudio Ricci, Commercial Director of the Club, e Paolo De Ros, local PR people, illustrated the specifics of the project, interacting with the companies present. After lunch at the Hotel Restaurant 'Il Carrettino', the event in the afternoon saw speeches from Giacomo Carrera, Marketing Director of Derthona Basket, e Marco Volpi, representing the sponsor Cantine Volpi, who described the organization of a sponsored Game Day.


The workshop then concluded with speeches again by Claudio Ricci, supported by Paolo De Persis (Commercial office assistant) on the organization of the summer camp in collaboration with Costa Crociere, and with that of Benedetta Abbruzzese, Director of Communications of Derthona Basket, who also moderated the event and of Davide Zanetti, Social Media Manager, who illustrated the Club's communication strategies and provided useful advice to the companies present.


At the end of the workshop, the managers went to the PalaEnergica Paolo Ferraris in Casale Monferrato to watch the race between Bertram Derthona and UNAHOTELS Reggio Emilia, where they were joined by members and their companions, who were given a special t-shirt created especially for the occasion. In this way, a recognizable choreography came to life in the stands of the Casale Monferrato arena, which supported the Lions in an important match for the rest of the season.


First 'Open' Project Workshop

Sunday January 28 2024