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Precise and continuous, Derthona beats Pesaro

Precise and continuous, Derthona beats Pesaro

Bertram Derthona-VL Carpegna Prosciutto Pesaro 94-76

(21-22, 44-33, 68-54)


Derthona: Zerini 2, Ross 9, Dowe 13, Candi, Tavernelli, Strautinš 7, Baldasso 23, Severini 12, Obasohan 14, Weems 12, Thomas 2, Radošević. All. De Raffaele

Pesaro: McDuffie 22, Bluiett, Visconti 11, Wright-Foreman 14, Ford, Maretto ne, Tambone 4, Cinciarini 14, Mazzola 7, Fainke ne, Love 4. All. Sacchetti

Eighth consecutive home win for Bertram Derthona, which prevailed against VL Carpegna Prosciutto Pesaro at the end of a match in which the Bianconeri commanded for almost all of the forty minutes. From the second quarter, the team coached by De Raffaele made the decisive move, which was maintained and fueled in the following periods. The FIVE players in double figures (Baldasso, Obasohan, Dowe, Severini and Weems), the great three-point shooting percentage (46%, 16/35), the rebound control (42-26) and the defensive attitude are were the keys to an important success.

Brilliant start to the match for Derthona who, driven by Obasohan and Severini, reached a double-digit lead midway through the half (19-9), before suffering the comeback and overtaking by the opponent at the end of the period (21-22 at 10') . In the second quarter the team coached by De Raffaele digs into the groove action after action, increasing in defense and continuing to find fluidity in attack: at half-time Leoni ahead 44-33.

Upon returning to the locker rooms the match continues with the same leitmotiv of the second half, with Bertram leading the operations and repelling any opponent's attempt to return: at 30' the score was 68-54. In the final period the Lions, with a series of three-point baskets, further widened the gap and won 94-76.

So coach Walter De Raffaele at the end of the race: “We came from two good, excellent performances like Brescia and Trento where, especially in the second, only the victory was missing. Tonight the boys played a solid game on both sides of the pitch against a team with great offensive talent. Tonight we built and scored many good shots with different players, moving the ball (20 assists), paying more attention to turnovers in the second half. We enjoy the victory and remain hooked on the playoff dream. It's no surprise that Baldasso plays these games, he can score in many ways and in all situations, tonight he scored with great consistency. The offensive rebounds, especially the small ones, were very important to have control and momentum in the game. I thank Candi and Radošević who, despite the ailments, gave us minutes in the rotations".