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Precise and solid, the Derthona hits poker

Precise and solid, the Derthona hits poker

Allianz Pallacanestro Trieste-Bertram Derthona 60-88

(16-23, 31-42, 48-59)


Trieste: Gaines 5, Pacher 6, Bossi 3, Davis 8, Spencer 4, Rolli ne, Deangeli, Campogrande 6, Vildera 5, Bartley 21. Coach Legovich

Derthona: Christon 4, Mortellaro 2, Candi 12, Tavernelli 9, Filloy 12, Severini 10, Harper 5, Daum 15, Cain 2, Radošević 13, Macura 4, Filoni. All. Ramondino

Convincing for long stretches of the match, Bertram Derthona conquers the Allianz Dome in Trieste and remains unbeaten in the 2022/23 Serie A championship. After the first balanced minutes, the team coached by Ramondino progressively increased their scoring, finding a large percentage in three-point shooting and many different protagonists during the course of the match. The Lions' next match will be Sunday 30 October at 17.30pm at the PalaEnergica Paolo Ferraris against Umana Reyer Venezia.

Intense start to the match at the Allianz Dome: in the first minutes Trieste leads in scoring, before triples from Daum and Filloy allow Bertram to produce the first break of the match (16-23 at 10'). In the second half, the team coached by Ramondino further widened the gap to +17 (22-29) in the 16th minute, taking advantage of the high percentages in three-point shooting. In the final moments of the first half, Allianz closes the gap: at halftime the score is 31-42.

Upon returning from the changing rooms, Derthona updated the maximum gap (31-50), before suffering the return of their opponents, who returned several times to -5. At the end of the third quarter the new Juventus acceleration was worth 48-59 in the 30th minute. In the last period Bertram manages, finding good initiatives from all the players used: the 60-88 of the siren is worth the fourth consecutive victory and the solitary top of the rankings for one night.

Thus coach Marco Ramondino at the end of the race: “I congratulate our players for a match in which there were many more minutes in which we did good things than those in which we made mistakes. For us it was important to have everyone's contribution, beyond production we are interested in ensuring that even those who come off the bench are ready on an emotional, technical and attitude level. I believe that in some moments our stagnation on an offensive level led to easy recoveries for Trieste, who gained confidence and lit up with the talent of their players, as we expected. Apart from half of the first quarter and half of the third, in the remaining thirty minutes we did good things both offensively and defensively, so I think the victory is deserved.".