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28/04/2024 18:15
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Pol. Agropoli – Orsi Derthona 82-75

Pol. Agropoli – Orsi Derthona 82-75

Pol. Agropoli – Orsi Derthona 82-75

(13-20, 33-39, 52-54)
Agropoli: Turel 12, Taylor 19, Langford 15, Silvestri ne, Santolamazza 9, Romeo 3, Contento 17, Molinaro 5, Lucarelli ne, Ndiaye ne, Amanti ne, Carenza 2. All.Finelli
Derthona: Greene IV 17, Cosey 11, Alviti 11, Ricci 18, Sanna 6, Reati 2, Conti, Mascherpa, Garri 6, Cucci 4. All.Cavina
Referees: Bongiorni from Pisa, Solfanelli from Livorno, Maschio from Florence
Notes: T2: Ag 19/34, De 15/35; T3: Ag 8/23, De 11/33; Tl: Aug 20/29, De 12/14.
Three quarters of excellent basketball were not enough for Derthona, who were defeated 82-75 by Bcc Agropoli in the new Torchiara sports hall and suffered the first stop of their season. On the day of Davide Reati's return from injury, the Lions led the charge for the first thirty minutes before being overtaken and immediately overtaken by the home team. The Juventus response is punctual but brings with it a few too many inaccuracies, which in the end allows them to shorten the gap without however managing to close it in the frantic final.

The news. The home team started off strong, with two three-point baskets from Langford and Turel for the initial 6-0. Five points from Ricci are worth the lead and the Bianconeri's lead; Cosey and Sanna score the baskets in the attack, which reaches its peak at 13-22 scored by Garri in the 12th minute. Former NBA player Donell Taylor replies on his own and scores the points that make it 21-22, but Derthona's response arrives on time, and makes it 33-39 with which the teams go into the long break.
The restart of the game smiled on the home team, ready to bring themselves back to parity (45-45) with two long range baskets by Turel and Langford near the 25th minute; a flash from Reati and a basket from Garri close the third quarter (52-54), then there is room for a basket with a foul from Ricci at 31 (56-57), but this is the last Juventus advantage. Two baskets from Langford, punctuated by Contento's winning transition, allow the home team to overtake decisively (63-58) and think about escape with the subsequent three-point basket from Santolamazza (66-58) in the 35th minute. Derthona didn't give up and came back behind with two consecutive three-point baskets from Alviti (72-68 in the 38th minute), but each subsequent attempt was promptly blocked by the home team, until the final 82-75.


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