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Italy | 202 cm | 23 September 1991 | 1 MVPs

Born in Bologna on 23 September 1991, Gazzotti played throughout the youth sector at Virtus Bologna, winning the Under 17 Scudetto in 2008 and the Under 19 Scudetto in 2010. He also made his first team debut with the Vu Nere. In the 2010/11 season he moved to Ozzano, in A Dilettanti, a team with which he scored 7.4 points per game in 26 minutes of average use.

He played the following season in Latina, a team that competed in the National Division A championship, where he increased his averages, closing the year at 8.1 points per game and then reaching the promotion playoffs, in which he scored 8 points per outing in the three matches played. He started the following year with the Lucca team, again in the National Division A, before moving to Ferrara where he finished the season.

In 2013/14 he returned to Virtus Bologna, in Serie A, appearing on the pitch in four matches over the course of the year. In 2014/15 he played in Cremona, again in Serie A, scoring 2.1 points per game, while the following year he wore the Pesaro jersey, averaging 3.8.

He remained in the Marche also in the 2016/17 season before returning to Vanoli Cremona, a team where he remained until December 2019, also winning the 2019 Italian Cup in Florence.

In December 2019, Giulio returns to Serie A2 Old Wild West by signing with APU OWW Udine, a team playing in the East Group of the tournament. In the ten matches played with the black and white jersey, Gazzotti recorded 5.8 points and 4.9 rebounds per game showing a good hand in three-point shooting (35% on 1.7 attempts per game). Now he comes to Bertram Yachts Derthona to start a new chapter in his career.