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Italy | 195 cm | December 16 1992

Play – guard, born in 1992, 195 cm tall, took his first steps in the world of basketball first with Basket Roma and then with Virtus Bologna, a club with which he made his debut in the top flight at a very young age in the 2009/2010 and 2010 seasons /2011.

His definitive consecration came with the Virtus Siena shirt in the National Div. A (2011/2012 season), who finished with 9,5 points, 4,6 rebounds and 1,9 assists on average per game. Always in the National Div. He played for the next two seasons, among the ranks of Pall. Ferrara 2011, closing them with excellent averages: 8,4 points, 3,5 rebounds and 1,2 assists in the first; 8,2 points, 4 rebounds and 1,8 assists the second.

The 2014/2015 season made a leap in category (A2 Gold series) consecrating himself also in this championship, finishing with 6,1 points, 3,4 rebounds and 1,9 rebounds on average per game.

The bond created with the coach is such that it allows him to be an important player in his new club (Givova Scafati) in the 2015/2016 season (6,1 points, 3,4 rebounds and 2,6 assists on average) , winning the Italian Cup in the category and closing the season in game five of the play-off semi-final against Leonessa Brescia.

He won the Italian Cup again a year later with the Virtus Bologna shirt, also contributing, with his excellent percentages (5 points, 2,6 rebounds and 1,9 assists on average per lace-up), to the victory of the championship of the A2 series and the consequent leap into the top flight.

In the last season he returned to Givova Scafati, where, after finishing in 2nd place in the Serie A2 Girone Ovest championship (with 9.25 points, 4,25 rebounds and 3.89 assists on average) he saw the playoffs end in the first round against Bondi Ferrara's path in the post season.