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Spa staff

Piazza S.Maria Canale, 2/3 - Tortona (AL)
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Sabrina Castellano
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Staff Spa is an employment agency founded in 2012, which is based in the Mantua area, but also boasts a beating heart in Tortona. In fact, one of the group's first branches was opened in the city.

The year 2021 closed with revenues of €200 million, up 35% on the previous year, despite the heavy negative repercussions of the Covid19 pandemic on the economy and on a good part of six economic sectors. An important result given the presence throughout Italy with 38 branches and over 170 direct employees, which during 2021 hired over 17.000 workers at 2.500 client companies. Results which have allowed Staff to place itself in twelfth position among the top Italian employment agencies in terms of turnover.

Such surprising goals were made possible by the economic and financial solidity of the Company, by the value of the human resources called upon to implement company policies, and above all by the excellence and completeness of the services offered to the market. Services which, together with the core business of administration, cover all areas of human resources management: personnel search and selection, head hunting, training, active employment policies and corporate welfare. Convinced that one of the keys to recovering in such difficult moments lies in the training of workers, despite the obvious and objective difficulties that distancing has imposed, last year it trained over 4.500 students who, through 380 courses, accumulated over 22.800 hours of training totals. In recognition of this commitment made over the past three years, Staff can also boast the prestigious "Champion of Growth" award in 2022, awarded by La Repubblica. Finally, for the third consecutive year, Staff was awarded the 2021 Welfare Champion award, received directly from the hands of the Minister of Labor and Social Policies Andrea Orlando for the commitment demonstrated and the validity of the Welfare model offered to its employees. The protagonist of these results is the Tortona branch, which continues the sponsorship relationship with the hope that the championship can be carried out in the best possible way.

For years we have linked our name to Derthona basketball, which brings positive values ​​that are specific to our company and which has seen us involved in common projects such as the "Let's train to train" event conducted by Stefano Sacripanti, coach of Gevi Napoli and Enrica Quaglio, HR Manager, expert in coaching and team coaching, on the topic of parallels between sport and companies and the 1st edition of the "Staff" trophy, a friendly match between Derthona basketball and Sting played at the Grana Padano Arena in Mantua.