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Somoter Srl

Via 11 Settembre, 23 - 12011 Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN)

SOMOTER SRL is a construction company specialized in road, hydraulic and earthmoving works.

The orders fulfilled by SOMOTER srl mainly concern public contracts relating to hydraulic and river works, earthmoving excavations, construction of water reservoirs and landfills, land preparation, construction of road works, construction of reinforced concrete works (in particular hydroelectric power plants, canals hydroelectric plants and industrial warehouses) banned by Municipal, Provincial and Regional Administrations, not disdaining to operate in the Private Sector.

The philosophy of SOMOTER srl is to put people at the center of its activities, whether internal or external to the Company, seeking the professional and human satisfaction of the individuals who make up the Company itself or who rely on it for the execution of tasks. works.

The customer plays a central role in the success of the Company and it therefore becomes important to know him thoroughly, provide services/products that meet his needs and create high "customer satisfaction".