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Intense match in Massagno: a triple from Fabi gives Derthona success

Intense match in Massagno: a triple from Fabi gives Derthona success

Spinelli Massagno-Bertram Derthona 81-82

(23-27, 21-17, 19-18)


Massagno: Dusan 37, Martino 2, Molteni 10, Chukwu 14, Andjelkovic 8, Veri 3, Appavou, Facchinetti 5, Gruninger ne, Nottage 2. Team Gubitosa

Derthona: Mastroianni ne, Sackey ne, Cannon 14, Gazzotti 10, Ambrosin 11, Tavernelli 3, Fabi 12, Graziani 2, Mascolo 8, Severini 10, Sanders 12, Morgillo. All. Ramondino

Second pre-season outing for Bertram Yachts Derthona, engaged on the Massagno field - a team that features a great level of physicality -. What decided a balanced match for the entire forty minutes was a triple from Fabi. Coach Ramondino proposes the same starting five of the scrimmage against Lugano also in this second outing, the first minutes of which are characterized by the balance between the two teams, which seek collective offensive solutions: Derthona - after having chased their opponents - finds the advantage with a triple from Severini (17-20 in the 8th minute). At the end of the period, the Lions increased their score by closing 23-27 in the 10th minute. In the first minutes of the second quarter, the hosts overtake the lead at 34-33 in the 13th minute; in the subsequent actions the two teams play on equal terms, in terms of pace and score, with Bertram always leading by one possession (37-39 at 16'). In the subsequent stages of the match, Massagno takes the lead again thanks to Chukwu's dunk (44-43 in the 19th minute), before Severini's free throw impacts the game: at halftime it's 44 all. Good intensity, upon returning from the locker rooms, shown by Derthona, who tries to take command of the match: Massagno remains in contact thanks to an inspired Dusan and finds the overtaking again with Chukwu (54-53 at 25'). At the end of the third quarter, Andjelkovic and Cannon moved the score for the two teams: in the 30th minute it was 63-62 for the home team. Massagno got off to a better start in the first minutes of the final half: with Facchinetti's triple and Chukwu's free throw, the hosts extended their lead to 69-64 in the 33rd minute. In the following actions comes the Juventus reaction, which leads to a new tie at 70 (at 35') thanks to Sanders' basket, who was also the protagonist in the subsequent stages of the break which leads to 73-78 in the 37th minute. The SAM, with Chukwu and Dusan, had an impact on the match entering the last minute of the match, then a free throw by Tavernelli and the three-point baskets by Dusan and Fabi led to 81-82 for the Lions with 8 seconds remaining. Dusan's final attempt fails: Bertram prevails 81-82. The next match will see the Lions on stage within the friendly walls of the PalaOltrepò on Saturday 3 October 2020 at 19.00 pm, against Orzinuovi.

Thus coach Ramondino at the end of the match: ʺIt was a challenging scrimmage especially because our opponents imposed a very high pace on the game. We were often late and made mistakes, even when shooting. However, we managed to distribute the playing time to ten players and try various situations which are the most important things for us. In the fourth week of work we are trying to take stock both on a physical and technical level and we will be back in the gym tomorrow to continue putting fuel in the tank for the seasonʺ.