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Pablo Bertone: ʺThe first impressions are very positive. I can't wait to play in this shirt

Pablo Bertone: ʺThe first impressions are very positive. I can't wait to play in this shirt

Last to arrive in chronological order in Tortona, Pablo Bertone he is ready to begin his new adventure. After the first few days in the city ʺThe impressions are very positive, because the team wants to resume the path it set itself at the beginning of the season. I really want to play and I'm ready to lend a hand to my teammates to reach the goal of the year, which in my mind is the playoffs..

Having arrived in Italy last season, Pablo only played in Serie A with Pesaro and Varese. For him Tortona represents his first experience in the A2 championship, which presents a level of play ʺvery high, as several teams have highly experienced athletes on their roster who have played all over the worldʺ. The increase in promotions has certainly made the championship further competitive, because it has served as ʺstimulus to some teams to convince some players to come to A2: without the increased number of promotions, these athletes would probably have chosen a different tournament. The championship is very competitive, I am ready and happy to start this experience.

Having arrived in Tortona in a team that has a complex ranking situation, Bertone believes it is important ʺwork every day as if it were the first, without being influenced by what has happened up to this moment. Only the future can be changed: it's true that we're talking about salvation, but I want to aim even higher to try to get to the playoffs. That's the goal I have in mind.

After his four years in college (Florida Atlantic Owls) Pablo played in Spain, Argentina and Italy. Three countries that have specific and different characteristics, as the player himself states: ʺIn Italy the tradition of basketball has been present for much longer than in Argentina. Even though in both countries football is the main sport, in Italy the stadiums are always full and the fans follow the teams with great passion. In Argentina we haven't reached this level yet, even though basketball has made enormous strides forward. As regards Italy and Spain, however, they are similar in that they are leagues full of talented players and young people who want to build an important career in Europe or America: the level of competitiveness in both countries is very high.


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